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Down The Drain

Published March 27, 2016 by lowercase v

When Gabi smiles…

Last night as I climbed into bed, I felt something small and hard underneath me. It wasn’t a kibble crumb. I switch the night light on. It was the the colour of nail. At first I thought it was one of her claws that had broken off. But it wasn’t.

It was a tooth!

When did this happen. Is she bleeding? I switch on the room light. I went to Gabi’s bed and sat on the floor. She groaned as I lifted her blanket off her head and scratched her ears.  I gently opened her mouth. There was no bleeding. After some careful examination I saw that it was one of her bottom front teeth.

This morning I brushed her teeth. The tooth next to the gap also seems a little loose.  She doesn’t seem to be distressed in anyway but of course she hates having her teeth brushed as I can imagine it is uncomfortable.

I know her teeth aren’t in a good condition. I brush them and try my best to keep them in tact. I can’t afford taking her to the vet for dental cleaning (would require anesthesia, etc).  I feel horrible.

I was crying today. I’m sure she’s happy being around me all day, but I wish I could do better on the everything-other-than-love side of things.

For some reason I decided to keep the tooth (I didn’t just want to trash it), but I cleaned the tooth and it washed out of my hand and down the sink.

I made her some mashed peas and brown rice and added a few bits of chicken for her dinner. She loved it.

I guess I’ll just have to brush her teeth every day now.