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Published April 23, 2016 by lowercase v

On  Monday afternoon I decided to give my dog Gabi a bath, while still have warm sunny days.

Early that evening I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. I walked past the living room on my way to the bathroom.  I noticed Gabi on the living room floor acting weird and at times lifting her hind leg. There appeared to be mud on the tiles, but I couldn’t think where it could come from since the sprinkler wasn’t on and it hadn’t been raining. I thought she might have a thorn in here paw, but  when I got closer and realized it was blood on the floor.


On her one hind paw, an outside nails were hanging by a thread and the life was exposed. Naturally I freaked out. I picked her up ad took her to the bedroom. I put her down and she jumped on my bed leaving bloody prints on the sheets and my duvet cover.



I dabbed a bit of iodine on the life and she whimpered. I tried to gentle take of the nail off, or put the nail back over the nail (as a temporary fix), but she wasn’t having it. I wrapped some I gauze around the paw.  The gauze was off the foot within seconds

I washed my hands and went to check on dinner.

I went back to assess Gabi. I noticed that the nail was now torn off completely.  I tried rewrapping the foot, better this time , but not good enough. Next thing she was walking around with the ball of gauze in her mouth like it’s some sort of soft toy.

She was bleeding so I decided that I would keep an eye on the paw and that a emergency trip to the vet wasn’t necessary.

Through the week she at times would hop on three legs.  The nail/life  is still red but there isn’t any pus or surrounding redness.

We cut some of the nails on the front paws. She wouldn’t let us near the back (but she HATES nail cutting to begin with).

Her claws are very brittle (and I probably need a different clipper, this is the second one I’ve bought).

It probably wouldn’t help to take her to a groomer. I’m guessing she’d need to be sedated.

She generally seems like herself, just less interested in walks.