The V Word

Published August 10, 2016 by lowercase v

I took Gabi to see the vet today to check out some growths. She eagerly got into the car… but she knew where she was as soon as we stopped at the animal clinic.

The took needle biopsies to inspect under a microscope. It turned out to be lipomas (fatty tissues), but they seemed quite aggressive. It is also uncommon for skinny dogs like Italian Greyhounds, though common in stockier dogs like bulldogs. For these reasons he recommended that the growths be removed.  She also go her shots.

Gabi will be operated on Tuesday. While she is under anesthesia they will clean her teeth (which I’ve wanted to get done for ages, but were worried about her costs) and clip her claws.

Obviously any operation and bout of anesthesia is a little worrying, but I’m glad we are sorting out these health issues. I will have a lot less to worry about.



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