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Published September 4, 2016 by lowercase v

Gabi had had surgery to remove some growths on Tuesday, 16 August, which is now over two weeks ago.

The next day she tore/bit the stitches on her chest and opened the wound.  There was also another wound  where there was a tiny bulge between the stitches, but I couldn’t find it when I took her to the vet (another cut was reddish, so I thought it might be that). The gash had to be stitched back up  and she got a cone. She couldn’t lick anything else so she licked her cone.

I removed the cone last weekend and as expected it was a big relief for her.  She did groom herself and lick at her wounds. I put the cone back on on occasion.

She seems more or less her normal self, though most of the time she doesn’t want to go for walkies and she is certainly wary of getting in the car. She has taken to attempting to pick her  own peas, thus vandalizing parts of the plant.

There are two wounds which worries me somewhat. One on one off  chest, where the large growth used to be, where there is now a big hunk of skin. And a tiny bulge (I guess the one I couldn’t find) under her armpit. I’ve been applying veterinary ointment to both.

I’m taking her to the vet during the coming week for some vaccine boosters, so I’ll ask him to check out these wounds.

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