Nose and Nails

Published February 6, 2017 by lowercase v

When I first got Gabi (nearly 5 years ago) , her nose was incredibly red. It looks a lot better now.

I think her diet helps (when I got her she seemed to have allergy issues and also had tummy problems), I avoid treats containing wheat and for a long time (until we recently switched to Senior food) I didn’t feed her “chicken” dog food.  I’ve use several ointments on her snout, including colloidal silver and a different snout balm. What seemed to help tough was beeswax ointment and the Nose Butter snout balm I’ve been using more recently as well.  I used to apply ointment daily, but now I do so far less frequently.


Current Ointment

I’m still having issues cutting her nails. The last time she had her claws trimmed was when she had anesthesia in August 2016.


A week ago I got a sedative from the vet’s (sales assistant/ receptionist). I needed half a tablet, so I had two doses and could try on two different days.  I waited different time periods for the pills to work, etc. I still fed her treats and tried to be calm and gentle. She still was having none of it and would yank her paws away.


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