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Published March 7, 2017 by lowercase v

post bath
Last Tuesday I put some Fiprotec (spot tick and flea treatment) on Gabi, after I spent the day volunteering at the SPCA’s sterilization drive.  I was going to wash her with khakibos shampoo (khakibos is a natural flea & tick repellant), but I was still waiting for it to be delivered.  I handle quite a lot of dogs with ticks and fleas at the SPCA, so I worried that I might contaminate her.

On Sunday, we gave Gabi a bath.

Yesterday morning after we went for our off-leash walk, I was scratching her belly. I noticed a skin rash which looked like blood under the skin.  I put some coconut oil on chest and abdomen, a lot of which she licked off.

I suspected the rash was from the flea poison, which ended up in the bath water and that we didn’t rinse her off properly. She never had a rash from this product before, but this was the most likely explanation.  I also got a skin rash a few days early from Gabi was sleeping against me.

So today, the poor dear had to have another bath. I made sure to rinse her off very, very well.

I’ll keep an eye on that tummy. Hopefully, she  will be fine.


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Published March 5, 2017 by lowercase v

I gave Gabi a bath today (with the help of my mom). She’s all nice and clean and soft. I tried to trim her claws as well, but despite feeding her numerous treats only managed to cut 2 nails.

Later this afternoon, since my clothes had already gotten dirty. I decided to wash my car. This is not something I do often. We have water restrictions where I live, so I have to use a bucket instead of a hose. I find this very frustrating because I’m short and struggle to reach the top of the car, even though it’s a hatchback.   I also find it difficult to lift the bucket to rinse the car.

As I was about to start washing, one of the neighbours was seeing off a guest. I don’t actually know her, but I guess she’s seen me with Gabi a couple of times and I’ve seen her once or twice in the complex. We greeted each other.  She asked how Gabi was doing now (I guess she must’ve seen Gabi in her cone a few months back). I told her Gabi was doing fine. She made a comment about how she sees me all the time walking Gabi. I told her that, I try to take her regularly but that she was getting lazier now that she’s older, especially about on-leash walks in the street.

She told me about how yesterday she thought that she might have to have her 11-year old dachshund put to sleep because she was suffering and struggling to walk. The vet gave her dog some medication and today she was fine.

We spoke about how attached people become to their pets and how they are family.

It was a nice little chat. I was glad she stopped to talk to me.

Well there is a new week ahead. I hope it’s a good one for everyone.

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