Published March 7, 2017 by lowercase v

post bath
Last Tuesday I put some Fiprotec (spot tick and flea treatment) on Gabi, after I spent the day volunteering at the SPCA’s sterilization drive.  I was going to wash her with khakibos shampoo (khakibos is a natural flea & tick repellant), but I was still waiting for it to be delivered.  I handle quite a lot of dogs with ticks and fleas at the SPCA, so I worried that I might contaminate her.

On Sunday, we gave Gabi a bath.

Yesterday morning after we went for our off-leash walk, I was scratching her belly. I noticed a skin rash which looked like blood under the skin.  I put some coconut oil on chest and abdomen, a lot of which she licked off.

I suspected the rash was from the flea poison, which ended up in the bath water and that we didn’t rinse her off properly. She never had a rash from this product before, but this was the most likely explanation.  I also got a skin rash a few days early from Gabi was sleeping against me.

So today, the poor dear had to have another bath. I made sure to rinse her off very, very well.

I’ll keep an eye on that tummy. Hopefully, she  will be fine.


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