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Published May 17, 2017 by lowercase v

This is a rant. It might offend some people. But yeah…

I took Gabi for a walk at the park/ creek where we usually go for our off lead walks. There was a lot of rubbish on the ground. There usually is. Today I decided to pick up some ( A LOT) of it. It makes my skin crawl. I’m kind of germaphobic.  I avoid touching lift/ elevator buttons or escalator railings. Obviously you can’t expect the kind of human trash who can’t even be bothered to walk 3 metres or even a foot to throw their rubbish in a trash can to be bothered with things like hygiene. I didn’t take any pictures of the garbage or of our walk, because I didn’t want to handle my phone too much.

For some pieces of trash I had to go through the field/ grass, down the slope,  to the edge of the (empty) creek. My legs of my tracksuit pants were covered in black jacks (beggar-ticks, those thorny weed things). I probably should’ve been wearing shorts. When I got home I wiped my things as well as the car’s steering wheel, hand brake, gear shift and door handles with an alcohol wipe.

It can’t have been the nicest walk for Gabi, because I was stopping a lot. Picking up things. Trying to limit actually touching them as much as possible.

Why don’t people give a fig about the planet. Do they only care about their own property. Do they not care about public areas or other people’s property because they don’t own it. Because they don’t have their own property? How ill you ever own anything nice with an attitude like that? I don’t have a single piece or property to my name (not even the car I drive). I don’t go around throwing trash on rich peoples lawns, because I don’t own anything. Or is it just a laziness thing?A lot of people would probably call me lazy, but I will carry my trash with me until I can find the appropriate place to dispose of it.  I’m not even very tidy, my desk is pretty unorganized, but I’ll throw away my trash. I recycle what I can.

Do these people have kids? Plan to have kids? Don’t they care about what the planet they are leaving their kids? It’s one thing when there are no trash cans around. In most areas there aren’t really garbage bins on the street. But when there is a trash can a few steps away from you, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST REACH A LITTLE BIT AN THROW YOUR GARBAGE IN IT? Or do you think you’r creating jobs for trash collectors. You’re not. You’re just being trash.

The worst is when they throw chicken bones on the grass (chocking and intestinal hazard for animals)  or glass (someone might cut their foot.

I also don’t get people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop in this day and age. If it’s in a field that’s one thing, but if it’s on a path where people walk or one someone’s drive-way or lawn, you should pick it up. And yes, once maybe in a few hundred time I didn’t not have a bag with me, so I left it, but as a rule I scoop.

When we were on holiday we stopped at a grocery store at Uniondale.  I sat in the car with Gabi. I saw some kids throwing empty yogurt cups out of a parked SUV’s window.  I’m not normally confrontational and I don’t think people should interfere with other people’s kids, but I couldn’t let it go. I got out of the car and picked up their trash. I pointed to a nearby trash can and said (probably in a very annoyed/. angry/ creaky voice, though I tried to be friendly): “There is a trash can right over there.”. I then walked to the bin and threw the yogurt cups in it. I got back in the car and sat there watching them, angrily.  I saw them eating more yogurts. I was kind of expecting them to throw their trash out the window again. They seemed to be very amused. With a great show they girl and the boy got out of the SUV and went to throw their cups in the trash can. Shortly after that there parent came back and the drove away.

I’m not sure I’d be able to confront an adult about their littering. They’d probably just laugh in my face.

If I were on a date with someone and I saw them litter, that would pretty much be them shutting the window on themselves. Even if they were a millionaire or looked like some magazines;  sexiest person of the year.

How does it look where you walk your dogs? Is there a lot of trash? How does it make you feel?

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The Rest of Our Holiday

Published May 14, 2017 by lowercase v

Homtini (Knysna Forest)

We spent 2 nights in a cabin in the forest. The Hazel Cottage (where we stayed) is dog friendly. It’s really beautiful there. There was a TV (though it was probably just SABC because there was only an antenna), but we didn’t even care to check what channels they had.

Hartenbos (Mossel Bay)

We slept here for 3 nights. We didn’t have much of a view from this flat but it was walking distance from the beach and restaurants. Gabi enjoyed the beach. The last time we went to the beach, she ran up a dune and her nail got a bit bloody again. So I put another bandage on. Our last day at Hartenbos was rainy so we drove out to some of the small towns in the area. There was some construction on the road to Still Bay so we spend a lot of time just sitting in the car, waiting.


Great Brak

The Road Back Home

We slept at the same place at Gariep Dam for one night (that we slept over on the way to our vacation destinations). It was icy cold when we got there. I watched some of the sunrise through the window/back door. The moon was still visible around 7 am when I stepped outside.


We hit the road back to Pretoria at 8 am and was home yesterday (Saturday) around 4 pm after being away for about 2 weeks. Gabi seems Happy to be back home again. Though, it’s a bit cold a rainy at the moment.

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Published May 6, 2017 by lowercase v

Day 8

Took Gabi on a morning walk. She enjoyed the walk and manage quite well, despite the bandaged back foot.

We left her at the house while we went to the beach, since the bandage has still have to stay on.

There was a bosbokkie eating hibiscus flowers outside the house today.

Day 9 (Last day at Brenton-on-Sea)

We went for another morning walk.  We went to the beach after lunch. I tied a bag around Gabi’s bandaged foot. She had a blast. She is exhausted.

Today was our last day at Brenton-on-Sea. It is probably also the last day we’ll have WiFi before we get home. Apart from Gabi’s foot we had a lovely stay. This is a beautiful house with a stunning view and the owner is very friendly and accommodating.

Gabi was tearing at her bandage and the vet said it could come off today. So I cut it off and put some iodine ointment on her nail. It still looks a bit raw. Will probably have to cover her paw if she goes to the beach or something. 

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Published May 3, 2017 by lowercase v

DAY 5 (Yesterday)
We went to the beach and Gabi enjoyed running on the sand. She gave me a big fright when she nipped at a washed up jellyfish, but she missed the stingy bit and was escaped the encounter unscathed.  She seemed to  really enjoy herself, though when we were not on the beach, she was very tender.  (She snagged her nail somewhere on Monday night. Probably the wooden steps at our vacation house. The nail tore half-off and was bleeding. I wrapped a bandage around her paw.)

She didn’t want me touching her paw at all today and I was a bit concerned that it might get infected.

Since I’m not here with my own transport, last night I asked my dad if we could take Gabi to the vet today.

DAY 6 (Today)
We drove into Knysna to take Gabi to the vet. We went earlier so we drove around Leisure Isle and have coffee at a little dog-friendly coffee shop. We stopped at a view point to look at The Heads.

We then took her to the vet. It was still a bit early, but I thought she might need to be sedated. So they said I had to check her in. I did that and my parents and I went to have lunch nearby. We had just finished when I got a call to pick Gabi up. The vet removed the injured nail, since it was still half attached and cut the other nails for me. She was given a sedative as well as, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections.

We then drove back to where we staying, looking at some fancy houses along the way. To day is a drizzly day, So I had to take Gabi out to pee with a plastic bag around the bandage. She has to wear the bandage for 3 days and cannot get it wet. The vet advised against taking her to the beach. I was given some medication (antibiotics) which I have to give to her from tomorrow morning.  She has been sleeping most of the time since we got back, but she has eaten a bit.

My parents are planning a boat cruise tomorrow. I think I’ll stay here with Gabi, because I don’t really want to leave her alone when she’s injured.

It’s a pity we can’t take her to the beach for the next few days, because she really loves it.

Though, obviously the vet bill has made this vacation a lot more expensive, I’m glad we took her.  It’s a huge weight of my shoulders.


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On the Road

Published May 2, 2017 by lowercase v

Day 1 
We left home at 5 am. Gabi and I sat in the back of the car. My parents sat in the front. We arrived at our first stop over,  at Gariep Dam, in the afternoon.

There is a blesbuck, named Elliot, who lives  in the camp. We went for a hike in the Karoo bushes. The stars were really bright and you could clearly see the milky way.

Day 2
We hit the road again and stopped to look at the Gariep Dam from above.

We traveled a few hours more and arrived at our second stop, Bo Kouga Mountain Retreat,  Uniondale. We had to travel about 21km on a dirt road. It was isolated, in the mountains and lovely. Their water comes from a spring in the mountains.  Gabi really enjoyed watching the chickens from the porch.  There were also goats. The stars were bright. The cabin we stayed in is dog-friendly and has a fenced yard.

Day 3 
We spend another day at  Bo Kouga. Soon after break fast, we went for a hike up the hill, to the waterfall. It is really beautiful. Wild proteas flower everywhere.  Gabi was exhausted and I had to carry her the last stretch on the way back to camp. Later that afternoon grandpaw wanted to go for another hike, but Gabi wasn’t having it.  It was a cloudy night. The stars were not so bright.

Day 4 (Yesterday)
We got  up early and packed the car. After breakfast we hit the dirt road again. We reached our destination before noon. We had lunch first because we couldn’t check in yet.

We arrived back at the holiday house about half an hour early, but the woman check us in. She is very pleasant and friendly. While she was showing us the house, I made the mistake of letting Gabi off the leash. She pooped on the doormat. Embarrassing. She ran down the stairs to the garden. She ran into the downstairs flat where the owner and her daughter is staying.

We went  for a walk on the beach. It was a bit cold but Gabi loved it.

We came back and one of the nails of her back foot caught somewhere and the nail broke. I bandaged her foot. She is feeling sorry for herself. Understandably. She’s hopping around on 3 legs and can’t climb the steps. So I carry her.

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