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Published August 19, 2017 by lowercase v

Last Saturday, late afternoon I took Gabi to the vet because I saw some blood in her stool. She has also been lazy to go on walks (though that might also be because she’s getting older and it is winter).

He identified some pathogenic bacteria. He gave her electrolytes and medication and a can of special food for the next day. He also had me switch her kibble to a sensitive food.  He recommended that I not give her any biltong/ jerky treats (for doggies).

I was going to give the packet away, but Gabi found it while I was out for a walk (my fault for not closing the cupboard door) and ate the whole packet. She had to stay home because the vet said I had to rest her for a few days. No severe reaction but it has probably kept her gut irritated for longer.  She’s not getting any treats at the moment to give her tummy chance to heal.

On Thursday I took her for a short off-lead walk which she really enjoyed. Later while I was at the pharmacy for my own health issues, she must have caught a bird. I came home to find some blood a feather and other matter on my bed. This also irritated her system a bit.

We haven’t gone for a walk gain because I’m run down and the park is too busy on weekends (she gets nervous around strange dogs), so I’ll probably try to go on Monday.

I love this little dog so much.

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