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Gabi Healing Update

Published September 27, 2017 by lowercase v
She still hasn’t to leave the yard yesterday. I’ll see if she wants to go for a walk around the complex, just on her lead, today.
still wearing a cone. the wounds taking a bit long to heal. i don’t want her biting off scabs or stitches.
I take to take the cone off at times, but as soon as she starts licking or scratching at wounds I put it back on. The licking itself  won’t do harm and her saliva might actually help her heal, but if she starts biting or licks too hard at the scabs and they come off, it might be an issue.  On Monday she scratched at the stitch under her eye, which freaked me out, but at least she didn’t seem to rip the stitch or break the skin.
There seems to be some bloodiness under her skin. Her human grandma thinks it’s probably from the cortisone-type ingredients in the ointment I’ve been applying since the operation. So since Monday night I’ve stopped applying it and keeping a close eye on it.
On Monday night we had a big thunder storm, so she was hiding in her bed under my desk and I had to stay close to her. Though she doesn’t want to be on the bed or couch with me if it’s thundering (probably to close to the windows).
I really hope we won’t have to go back to the vet, apart from getting really expensive (I will not deny her vet care if she needs it) it’s rough on her (no wonder she doesn’t want to leave the yard).



Post-op Update

Published September 21, 2017 by lowercase v


When I spoke to the vet on Saturday he said it’s okay, we could bath Gabi. We bathed her yesterday and afterwards the wounds looked bad (I suppose some scabs washed off, though I was being as gentle as possible). I guess i just got a fright, it had me in tears. The cone stays on and we’ll keep applying the ointment.

Gabi is very playful, but doesn’t want to leave the yard (just to walk around the complex on her leash). I guess she’s scared we’ll go to the vet. I also don’t want to put her harness on because I think it might scratch against her wounds. I’m also hesitant to take her to the park where there might be other dogs while she’s vulnerable like this. So for now we just play with her tug toys.


histology results

Published September 16, 2017 by lowercase v

Got Gabi’s histology results back from the vet. It was indeed sarcoma, but he got it all, so we just need to keep a closer eye on her skin.

I’m still worried and stressing about her. There’s a spot on her leg where a stitch seemed to have popped, a small spot, so I’m applying the ointment to it. I’m still applying ointment to  her chest and tummy. she is so dirty from the ointment and should have a bath but I’m  giving the spot on her leg another day or two.  wish I could take the cone off, but scared she’ll bite her stitches.


Published September 11, 2017 by lowercase v

Gabi had surgery today. they vet said it  took a long time. She’s is back home!!! very tender. vet cut/burnt out lots of little nasties  .the vet bill was massive. i have to apply ointment to the wounds. and she’ll have to wear a cone for  a while so that she doesn’t bite her stitches. the histology results will take a few days.



Published September 9, 2017 by lowercase v

I have keyboard issues, pls excuse the typing.
posted these updates on fb today:

“Gabi has something like a mole or a bloody blister on her chest. Was going to have it checked out in the week, but today blood came out of it. Taking her to the vet a little later.
Still down with this cold/flu. Going to need a lot more strength.”

“gabi saw the vet. will go into surgery monday morn to have the blood blisters removed and sent for histology. (there’s another on her leg, maybe more. she was wearing her coat all winter).
vet says it looks nasty. hope it’s not cancer. :(
she has bandages wrapped around her chest and the blister but it can’ seem to stay put. put her coat over it, maybe it will help. she’s wearing a cone. struggling to eat with her cone, not that she likes her kibble much these days. should’ve bought a can of special food. vet closed now til monday. very worried, about gabi as well as the bills etc. just a year a go she had lumps removed from under her skin.”

“bandage still wont stay put,so just took it off. will have to use a plaster (band-aid)”

doesn’t really want to eat the kibble. so i cooked/poached a piece of hake, but overcooked it.
gave her a quarter. rest for tomorrow etc