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2018 So Far

Published January 13, 2018 by lowercase v

Over the December I wasn’t always at home and a lot of the time I was also working at my computer. I made a point of being here on New Years Eve to be with Gabi in case of fire works.  I think she might’ve felt a bit neglected since she’s used to having me around more. She’s been chewing/eating pieces of paper. She’ll have to get used to being at home with out me more regularly though, because I really need to get a job.

She seemed to be having some digestive issues, but I dewormed her last Sunday and gave her some probiotics. She seems fully recovered from her enteritis issues from a few months ago. She is pretty lively for a dog who is almost twelve.

During the week we had two off-leash field/park walks and one on-leash walk around the block.  On Friday there was someone on a tractor, cutting the field grass and it had Gabi a bit nervous, but she wasn’t too freaked out.

On Thursday I heard some rustling noises.  I walked into the room, only to find Gabi standing on my desk with a sheet of paper in her mouth. So, I just firmly said “Gabi, no”.
She jumped off the desk, dropped the paper and went to hide in her bed. She has eaten some of my papers before, but thiswas the first I’m if caught her in the act. I hope she doesn’t do it again. It really isn’t good for her to eat things like that.  There was food in her bowl, so it wasn’t hunger.

Overall, she is just being a super affectionate little iggy.