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The End

Published July 27, 2019 by lowercase v

This is a very difficult post, but I’ve decided to share what happened yesterday. This might be my last post on this blog. Thank you so much to all our readers and everyone who has commented and subscribed in the past.


Gabi was sick very early on Friday morning (vomited blood there was no food in her system) and it really didn’t look good. I decided to have to take her to the vet. It wasn’t a good start to the weekend. She looked scared when we got ready to go. Like she knew she was going to the vet. The probably didn’t know why, but she knew where she was going.

I had a short discussion with the vet and we both agreed that it was time. I decided that I would stay with my little girl until the very end. I gave her a bit of dog biscuit which she ate. The vet gave her an IV and took her to a smaller room. They put her on a blanket. I said my goodbyes. Stroking her head and holding her the whole time. Then the vet put the needle into her paw. it was over with in minutes. She lo longer Had a heart beat. I Just stood there for a while.

Then I went home.

My room seemed really empty last night. I kept expecting to see her sweet little face, especially at dinner time.

This morning I saw a picture on my friends Italian Greyhound started crying.



A Difficult Decision

Published July 26, 2019 by lowercase v
gabi italian greyhound in car going home

1st photo I ever took of my Gabi.

I had to make the incredibly difficult decision of putting my  my best friend to sleep this morning. She threw up blood this morning. She was uncomfortable and didn’t seem to know if she wanted to sit up or lie down. Eventually, she lied back down. Mid morning I phoned the vet and took her in. I stayed with her until the very last moment. I didn’t want to take her ashes. It seems morbid. She might have had cancer. She was 13 and a half. She had a rough life before she came to live with me.

I will miss her so much. She was with me for about 7 years. She was a good girl and my best friend.  I’m heartbroken.

Rest in peace my Gabi.

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