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Fresh Gabi

Published March 4, 2018 by lowercase v

I haven’t been able to give Gabi a bath for weeks, because of my wrist injury. Today was a lovely, hot day so, Gabi’s grandma and grandpa gave her a bath outside on the lawn . Gabi is not a fan of baths, but she was rewarded with a piece of rice cakes (which sounds boring, but she loves them) .

We’ve been playing and cuddling a lot, but we haven’t really gone for walks recently. i’m starting to drive short distances again, so hopefully we’ll get back to our off-lead walks again soon.

Overall, for a 12 year old, Gabi seems to be in good condition. We just need a bit more exercise…





To The Park

Published February 17, 2018 by lowercase v

italian greyhound in park

Earlier this evening, before it got dark, I took Gabi to the park along with my parents. My dad drove us there. It’s a neighbourhood play park with a tennis court.  It was her first walk in weeks. There were some other small dogs. She wanted to jump into my arms a few times but I just said no (because of my fractured left wrist).

At some point two Scotties ran up to hear and she freaked out and jumped up into my arm. Likely it was on my right side and I just held her in  my right arm until they left.  At some point a miniature pincher ran up to us and caught me  by surprise. So I said “Hey” and the owner recalled him. Gabi was a bit nervous at times, but i think she enjoyed her off-leash walk.

It seems like she hasn’t eaten that much the past day or so, but she seems okay and I think she’s still eating, so I’ll just keep an eye on her.

Gabi is sleeping under my duvet at the moment. It looks like she is smiling.


A Bit Frustrated

Published February 11, 2018 by lowercase v


Gabi hasn’t gone for a walk in ages. I have a fractured wrist at the moment I can’t drive her to the park for off-lead walks and shes a bit scared to go out on a leash to walk ont the streets. On the streets she often wants to turn aorond ands go home when we are only two or three houses around the block If there is traffic or other dogs bark at her, she wants to go home. When another dog approaches, she jumps into my arms and I can’t handle that right now.

She’s been frustrated as well and she’s acting out a bit.  Like she chewed on the wood from the kitchen cabinets skirting….  It’s making her grandma mad.

I also need to give her a bath and get her nails cut.  I’ll see I’ve I can take her for grooming this week… though we normally just bath her at home so I don’t know how it will go. It’s and extra stress. I love her  so much, but she’s bit of a handful right now. It hope this time will pass really quickly.


2018 So Far

Published January 13, 2018 by lowercase v

Over the December I wasn’t always at home and a lot of the time I was also working at my computer. I made a point of being here on New Years Eve to be with Gabi in case of fire works.  I think she might’ve felt a bit neglected since she’s used to having me around more. She’s been chewing/eating pieces of paper. She’ll have to get used to being at home with out me more regularly though, because I really need to get a job.

She seemed to be having some digestive issues, but I dewormed her last Sunday and gave her some probiotics. She seems fully recovered from her enteritis issues from a few months ago. She is pretty lively for a dog who is almost twelve.

During the week we had two off-leash field/park walks and one on-leash walk around the block.  On Friday there was someone on a tractor, cutting the field grass and it had Gabi a bit nervous, but she wasn’t too freaked out.

On Thursday I heard some rustling noises.  I walked into the room, only to find Gabi standing on my desk with a sheet of paper in her mouth. So, I just firmly said “Gabi, no”.
She jumped off the desk, dropped the paper and went to hide in her bed. She has eaten some of my papers before, but thiswas the first I’m if caught her in the act. I hope she doesn’t do it again. It really isn’t good for her to eat things like that.  There was food in her bowl, so it wasn’t hunger.

Overall, she is just being a super affectionate little iggy.


Gabi Healing Update

Published September 27, 2017 by lowercase v
She still hasn’t to leave the yard yesterday. I’ll see if she wants to go for a walk around the complex, just on her lead, today.
still wearing a cone. the wounds taking a bit long to heal. i don’t want her biting off scabs or stitches.
I take to take the cone off at times, but as soon as she starts licking or scratching at wounds I put it back on. The licking itself  won’t do harm and her saliva might actually help her heal, but if she starts biting or licks too hard at the scabs and they come off, it might be an issue.  On Monday she scratched at the stitch under her eye, which freaked me out, but at least she didn’t seem to rip the stitch or break the skin.
There seems to be some bloodiness under her skin. Her human grandma thinks it’s probably from the cortisone-type ingredients in the ointment I’ve been applying since the operation. So since Monday night I’ve stopped applying it and keeping a close eye on it.
On Monday night we had a big thunder storm, so she was hiding in her bed under my desk and I had to stay close to her. Though she doesn’t want to be on the bed or couch with me if it’s thundering (probably to close to the windows).
I really hope we won’t have to go back to the vet, apart from getting really expensive (I will not deny her vet care if she needs it) it’s rough on her (no wonder she doesn’t want to leave the yard).



Post-op Update

Published September 21, 2017 by lowercase v


When I spoke to the vet on Saturday he said it’s okay, we could bath Gabi. We bathed her yesterday and afterwards the wounds looked bad (I suppose some scabs washed off, though I was being as gentle as possible). I guess i just got a fright, it had me in tears. The cone stays on and we’ll keep applying the ointment.

Gabi is very playful, but doesn’t want to leave the yard (just to walk around the complex on her leash). I guess she’s scared we’ll go to the vet. I also don’t want to put her harness on because I think it might scratch against her wounds. I’m also hesitant to take her to the park where there might be other dogs while she’s vulnerable like this. So for now we just play with her tug toys.


histology results

Published September 16, 2017 by lowercase v

Got Gabi’s histology results back from the vet. It was indeed sarcoma, but he got it all, so we just need to keep a closer eye on her skin.

I’m still worried and stressing about her. There’s a spot on her leg where a stitch seemed to have popped, a small spot, so I’m applying the ointment to it. I’m still applying ointment to  her chest and tummy. she is so dirty from the ointment and should have a bath but I’m  giving the spot on her leg another day or two.  wish I could take the cone off, but scared she’ll bite her stitches.