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The Rest of Our Holiday

Published May 14, 2017 by lowercase v

Homtini (Knysna Forest)

We spent 2 nights in a cabin in the forest. The Hazel Cottage (where we stayed) is dog friendly. It’s really beautiful there. There was a TV (though it was probably just SABC because there was only an antenna), but we didn’t even care to check what channels they had.

Hartenbos (Mossel Bay)

We slept here for 3 nights. We didn’t have much of a view from this flat but it was walking distance from the beach and restaurants. Gabi enjoyed the beach. The last time we went to the beach, she ran up a dune and her nail got a bit bloody again. So I put another bandage on. Our last day at Hartenbos was rainy so we drove out to some of the small towns in the area. There was some construction on the road to Still Bay so we spend a lot of time just sitting in the car, waiting.


Great Brak

The Road Back Home

We slept at the same place at Gariep Dam for one night (that we slept over on the way to our vacation destinations). It was icy cold when we got there. I watched some of the sunrise through the window/back door. The moon was still visible around 7 am when I stepped outside.


We hit the road back to Pretoria at 8 am and was home yesterday (Saturday) around 4 pm after being away for about 2 weeks. Gabi seems Happy to be back home again. Though, it’s a bit cold a rainy at the moment.

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Doggy DIY – Puzzle Toy

Published September 14, 2015 by lowercase v

I like the idea of puzzle toys for dogs, because they are good for your dog’s brain, but they’re all so expensive.  A few months ago I saw a post online featuring a DIY puzzle toy using a muffin tin and some tennis balls.

I slightly modified the idea and I made two puzzle toys for Gabi using an egg carton, a mini muffin tin a toilet roll and some dog toys.

egg carton puzzle toy mini muffin tin puzzle toy
You’ll need:

  •  An egg carton  or old muffin tin . This is the base.
  • Tennis balls, dog toys  or other items (eg toilet rolls) to cover the holes.
  • Pieces of treats that tour dog enjoys. (For the egg carton use dry treats like biscuits)

dog treat puzzle base  cover items

And then it’s easy:

  • Take your base and places treats in some off the holes.  You van change up the amount of treats and their locations each to make it more challenging.
  •  Let your dog watch when you place the treats…. or place them first and then just lift one of the balls to show him/her that there are yums in this thing.
  • Allow your to go to the puzzle.
  • If you’re dog struggles at first, remove and replace each item so that he/she can see that it comes out.

I’ve uploaded a video of Gabi playing with her puzzles to youtube.

Lucky Chinese Dog

Published August 30, 2013 by lowercase v

I was going through my old pictures and I came across this picture that I took in Hangzhou, China. It is slightly out of focus, but the photo wasn’t posed and I had to take it on the fly.


©2008 lowercase v


Published August 16, 2013 by lowercase v

I saw this on ihasahotdog.
“My sister’s dog is blind and I guess today she made this ridiculous dog space suit thing to keep him from running into things.”

blind doggy
What a creative way to keep your dog safe! Though I have to wonder if it’s maybe a bit like wearing the cone of shame, it might be a little restrictive.

Gabi’s Holiday Wishlist

Published November 21, 2012 by lowercase v

The festive season is upon us.  While I usually don’t buy Chirstmas presents, I’m a  (doggy) mom now, so Gabi might get some. Looks like I’m going to have to break out the piggy bank

1. Kong SqueakAir balls
Gabi likes squeaker toys and she likes tennis balls, so this one seems like a no-brainer.

2. A Treat Toy.

3. Cookies.
I’m thinking Isle of Dog… or I’ll just bake some Pumpkin biscuits myself.
  or  Home-made peanut-butter dog biscuits

4. Treats.

5. Rogz Grinz 
A proudly South African product. This would looks so cool in pictures and it also doubles as a treat toy.

6.  Aikiou bowl or Nina Ottoson puzzle toy


7.  Skudo
This is not something Gabi wants per se, but I think it could be handy in these hot summer months.  It is chemical free and keeps ticks and fleas away. A Healthy Pet is a happy pet

8. A Road Refresher Bowl
A non-spill water bowl for those car trips

9. A Doggy  Frisbee
Dog frisbees aren’t as hard on your dog’s mouth as regular frisbees I’m liking the proudly South African Rogz RFO as an option.

10 Things About Gabi

Published October 29, 2012 by lowercase v

… that you may or may not already know.


  1. Gabi has a scar.
  2. Gabi doesn’t like fruit.
  3. Gabi loves carrots and will try to take them from you.
  4. Gabi run behind you jumps up and bumps your butt.
  5. Gabi likes to pick up a leaf when she greets someone she knows at the gate.
  6. Gabi likes fetch tennis balls… but she only returns them for treats, otherwise she takes them to her bed.
  7. Gabi jumps up into my arms when strange dogs make her feel nervous.
  8. Gabi jumps up in my arms to say hello when I get home after being out.
  9. It is nearly impossible to cut Gabi’s nails.
  10. Gabi is okay with having her ears cleaned, maybe she even likes it.