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Published June 25, 2012 by lowercase v

Today I took Gabi for a walk at the spruitjie again. We have gone here many times before, but today something completely different happened. Gabi was chasing at something that was in the reeds. This is not that unusual, but she used to run into different bushes. Bushes which have recently burned down.

italian greyhound in grass

So… today she ran off like a crazy rabbit. Bounce, bounce, bounce, splash! She had bounced right into the stream! In the 4 months I’ve had her, I have never seen her swim. On this cold, windy, winter’s day, she had her first splash.

She ran out of the water like a bat out of hell, shivering and shaking water off. It was quite late in the afternoon and most of the sunshine had gone, so she must’ve been cold. She was also somewhat smelly.

I called my mother and told her what had happened. We gave Gabi a nice warm bath (which she wasn’t too impressed with), as soon as I got home with her. This is quite a messy undertaking and meant that I had to take a shower.

sleeping italian greyhound

Gabi now smells clean and looks all bright and shiny. She’s snug in a warm sweater, sleeping under her blankey, exhausted after a ruff day.

Park Day

Published March 5, 2012 by lowercase v

exhausted gabiThis morning I took Gabi to a large municipal park. I figured it would be quieter on a weekday morning. We went around 10am.  It is a lovely grassy park with shady trees and a cement path circling it.

There were some other dogs, all of them off -leash. There was a lady sitting under a a tree who had two dogs, a Airedale type and another small terrier. At the other side an elderly gentleman was sitting on a bench watching his little Corgi-type or Spitz-type dog running around


At the some point the Corgi-type came closer Gabi edged closer to sniff, but the other the other two came running over she got a bit nervous and wanted to climb up on me. The other three ran off play together and Gabi and I walked on. I a spot I though was safe, I took the lead off her harness and let her run free.

Gabi would run but then run back to “check” on me, never straying to far. I sat out under a tree to have a drink of water and poured some into a plastic bowl for Gabi. We then had a walk around the perimeter to see if it would be a good venue for a group walk. The fence seemed secure except for the exit turnstiles and the huge gap at the top corner which gained access to a tennis court/club, which I guess is a continuation of the park

As we passed the elderly man his playful little dog ran up to us. Gabi gave a bark at him which I wasn’t sure if it was fear, nervousness,  playfulness,aggression, or a mixture of the lot. I say ‘No Gabi’ in a soothing tone. “He just wants to play”, said the old man. I walked over to them and Gabi followed. She played with the little guy. Barking, chasing and running. Jumping up at me also up to my face. Not sure if this was excitement or a very urgent “pick me up!”

As we walked back a Rottweiler suddenly ran up to us. He/she sniffed Gabi’s nose and wanted to play, but Gabi wasn’t any of it. The Rotti was really sweet so I stroked its head. It’s mom came paddling up on her bicycle and called her dog. The dog ran off behind is mom. I put Gabi down on the ground and put her lead back on. We walked back to the car and went home.

Fair to say that my little Iggy is exhausted tonight.