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Post-op Update

Published September 21, 2017 by lowercase v


When I spoke to the vet on Saturday he said it’s okay, we could bath Gabi. We bathed her yesterday and afterwards the wounds looked bad (I suppose some scabs washed off, though I was being as gentle as possible). I guess i just got a fright, it had me in tears. The cone stays on and we’ll keep applying the ointment.

Gabi is very playful, but doesn’t want to leave the yard (just to walk around the complex on her leash). I guess she’s scared we’ll go to the vet. I also don’t want to put her harness on because I think it might scratch against her wounds. I’m also hesitant to take her to the park where there might be other dogs while she’s vulnerable like this. So for now we just play with her tug toys.




Published March 7, 2017 by lowercase v

post bath
Last Tuesday I put some Fiprotec (spot tick and flea treatment) on Gabi, after I spent the day volunteering at the SPCA’s sterilization drive.  I was going to wash her with khakibos shampoo (khakibos is a natural flea & tick repellant), but I was still waiting for it to be delivered.  I handle quite a lot of dogs with ticks and fleas at the SPCA, so I worried that I might contaminate her.

On Sunday, we gave Gabi a bath.

Yesterday morning after we went for our off-leash walk, I was scratching her belly. I noticed a skin rash which looked like blood under the skin.  I put some coconut oil on chest and abdomen, a lot of which she licked off.

I suspected the rash was from the flea poison, which ended up in the bath water and that we didn’t rinse her off properly. She never had a rash from this product before, but this was the most likely explanation.  I also got a skin rash a few days early from Gabi was sleeping against me.

So today, the poor dear had to have another bath. I made sure to rinse her off very, very well.

I’ll keep an eye on that tummy. Hopefully, she  will be fine.


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Not Over Yet…

Published December 21, 2012 by lowercase v

Today is 21 December 2012
It’s the summer solstice (In the Southern Hemisphere where we live) and thus the longest day of the year.
Gabi was going to have a bath today, but it’s rainy, so we’ll have to postpone it until tomorrow or Monday.

next to mom

Week past:

On Tuesday there was a terrible thunderstorm and hail stones hit my car as I waited outside the vet’s to buy dewormer for Gabi. I put the white tablet in some boerewors (ground beef sausage) and she wolfed it up. She was dewormed. She also left muddy paw prints over my clean duvet cover. During the course of the afternoon the power went our and only came back on around 9pm. Gabi was freaked out by the humans moving and plotting and huddling (to see photos on a tablet) in the dark. I didn’t get around to blogging. I had Indian take-aways for dinner, which was quite nice.

On Wednesday the power went out at around 7pm, luckily just after dinner. I had a drink while trying to get on to my Facebook from my cellphone (had to reset the password) and I knocked over the glass while trying to write down a code by candle light. The glass shattered on the floor, very close to Gabi’s bed. She ran to the lounge and I was worried about shards of glass and her paws, but luckily she didn’t yelp and her paws seemed fine. I cleaned up the mess and pieces of glass by candle light, this is not easy to do. The power came back on before midnight.

Yesterday we got some litchis and Gabi seemed to want some, so we gave her a piece and although chewing it was a bit awkward, she seemed to love it.

Last Saturday:

Chance  doggy friends in park

We had a play-date with some doggy friends and their human moms. It was a nice sunny summer’s day. It took Gabi a while to get used to them again. But she was more relaxed around them than in the past. Chance (a playful mixed breed boy) and his mom, rode with us in the car to the park in Johannesburg. When the first wanted to get into the car, Gabi was a bit aggressive so the sat in the back and Gabi sat in the friend. However on the way home Gabi was exhausted and must’ve remembered that they were our friends, she and Chance were in the back and his mom sat in the front. I hope that next yearwe get to see our friends more often.

To all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere were it is now winter solstice, were hope that you and your pets are all warm and safe on the longest night.