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Acting Out

Published July 14, 2017 by lowercase v

I was in the bathroom and I heard a noise coming from the room.

I came back to find some torn tissues on the bed, a few on the bedside table/ desk, some half stuck in the box.  My cell phone was on the floor. (I guess that’s how that glass broke that time, when I mysteriously found shards of glass on my bedroom floor)

So, Gabi steals tissues from the box. I already knew she stole used tissues from her grandparents waste basket (eww). It would be okay if she tore them up, but she eats them too.  (I’m not sure if it’s just a naughty thing or if it’s a form of pica) I’ll have to put the box out of reach.  I dewormed her last Friday (because I noticed that she had worms). I also dewormed myself, which was really horrible.
I’m going to have to take her to the park (though I’m feeling super lazy today), though she didn’t want to go on Wednesday.

I’ve been feeling down lately, so maybe she’s picking up on my frustration.  She’s such a sweet girl. She’s my angel.



Published January 24, 2017 by lowercase v

I used to keep my balls of yarn in a cardboard box, but Gabi likes to tear up and eat boxes, so I now keep my stuff in a purple shopper. Didn’t keep my knitting and wool save though.

She got into my closet (my bad) and scratched out the contents of my knitting bag (yeah, I knit. Sort of… squares,  squares, scarves, blankets… not patterns, not fancy stitches… just blocks).  Most of the balls of wool (well synthetic wool) are no longer neat little bundles.  (This picture was actually taken after I untangled the mess and wrapped the wool back on their separate balls.


She has managed to throw off half the stitches on a very long knitted row.  Which was actually intended to be a blanket (if she likes it, for her). This particular wool is difficult to work with and it took me ages to get this far. I myself won’t be able to get the stitches back on the needle if any of the row has unraveled.


At least it’s summer time at the moment and I can’t be bothered to knit.

©Gabi_Italian_Greyhound_bytes 2017


Witness to a dog bite

Published February 12, 2014 by lowercase v

We had an encounter on our walk today.

A large dog, by the looks of it a Chow X Lab was roaming around outside.  There was a gate open a few houses away where we stood across the road from where we stood. We had walked past that house several times before, but I thought they just had a Chow. The dog seemed to be out exploring, but he could also have been looking for food.

I picked up Gabi and rounded the corner, still trying  to decided whether I should approach the dog. Of course when I see a stray dog I want to help it, but Gabi and her safety is her first priority. The dog approached us, but not aggressively. I checked but couldn’t see a collar. I wanted to take a picture with my phone, but ended up in the phone book. It occurred my to phone the SPCA, but it was close to 6pm and it would be pass their office hours.

I decided to go to the house. I pressed the intercom. There was a small -type dog inside the yard. A man finally appeared and I asked if it was their dog outside. He was going to get into his bakkie (pick-up truck) to look for the dog. I walked on. I saw the dog again around the next corner (it’s a narrow block). I called him  in a friendly manner and walked towards his house.  A woman came out of the yard. There was a car in the street, so didn’t cross. The woman called the dog, Bo,  angrily and in stead of crossing straight ahead Bo ran to the right.  I was about top turn around and walk on.

At that moment a woman with two labradors came around the corner. The owner of the labradors screamed in fear, inciting Bo further.  The man ran toward them and managed to get Bo back inside. One of the labs had some blood on the side of his head , but it didn’t seem too serious.  I went over to check if they were okay and to offer to be a witness if needed. The woman (lab owner) was crying. She apologized for crying (I don’t think she should have to apologize). The man apologized for his dog’s behaviour. (As if it was just the dog’s fault). I said “Your gate was open.”   I also told him his dog needs to wear a collar and ID. I had seen the dog before some I assumed it was their dog, but I couldn’t know for sure. Bo’s owner told the woman that he would pay for any damages. The matter seemed resolved. I shudder to think how it could have ended. Everyone went off in their own direct.  I was still holding Gabi, she seemed a bit shaky. I only put her down on the ground once we were around the corner.

incident map

In this case I feel really sore for the lab owner.  She seemed in shock. Her dogs are labs dogs and she seems nice enough. BUT I have only seen her dogs walk off leash in the past. In the street!  I always had to pick Gabi up, just to be safe and  because she seemed a bit scared. I don’t know what have happened if they were off leash.

I’m so glad Bo only sniffed Gabi’s butt. I’m so glad she didn’t get hurt. I hope the lab is okay. I hope Bo’s owners do not beat him or mistreat him because of thew incident.

It’s your responsibility to keep your dog in the yard.

Naughty Little Girl

Published September 2, 2013 by lowercase v

run in park wait by car

Lately, whenever we go to the park, I have to carry Gabi at least some of the time. I didn’t know if she was a little cold, but it’s getting warmer now and she still does it. I’m not sure if it’s the other dogs (though often she’s the only dog there), if she’s tired or if she’s just enjoying the attention. The other day I had to carry her 70% of the time! You’re probably wondering why I just don’t turn around and go home, but I need the excessive too. She loves running in the park and chasing birds.

Another habit she’s developed recently, is to bark when the car stops at the complex gates on our way back from the park.  She usually barks at the dogs whose home is the first house inside thew complex and then she keeps on barking until I take her out of the car.  I assumed she start barking when I got out of the car to get the mail, but she did it even when I didn’t get out of the car.  Today she upped her game, by barking a whole block away from home already. Loudly.

She ate two things off the ground at the park today which I couldn’t identify. If she keeps doing it, I will have to keep her on the leash. I don’t want her to get sick because some thoughtless lazy -ahole was too lazy to throw the waste  from whatever crap he was eating in the bin.

oh pooh!

Published April 17, 2012 by lowercase v

italian greyhound sleeping in pink polka dot sweater

Today there were three things on the agenda. Firstly I had to wait for a package for Gabi, secondly I had to go to the bank and thirdly I had to go to a seminar late afternoon which would leave Gabi home alone. I was hoping to get the package early, but the Courier Guy only showed up as we were on our way to the seminar, which means banking will have to wait until tomorrow.

The seminar was from 16:00-19:00 which meant Gabi would be home alone for at least 4 hours. She was very excited to see her humans when I opened the door. My mother discovered some old dried out dog poop on a rug in the living room. Yuck! When I when to the bathroom I saw a big yellow stain on the bathmat! Gabi can easily get in and out of the house when she needs to. She very clearly acted out against being left alone. If behaviour like this happens again, she’ll probably have to stay outside when she’s home alone. I hope this doesn’t happen because winter is rapidly approaching.

One of the cuter, yet still naughty, things Gabi did today was to drag my fleece blanket from my bed, onto her doggy bed.

I finally had a chance to open the package after cleaning up. It contained a fleece doggy jersey, a sea-belt clip (which I will post about at some later stage) and sunscreen wipes. The jersey, which’s colour and pattern I couldn’t choose, turned out to be pick with polka dots and looks pretty cute. The lady from the website also threw in 2 (I assume) raw hide type sinew chews, which is pretty damn cool. I gave Gabi one of the chews and just didn’t have the heart to take it away again. she just loved it so much! She ate the whole (14cm) thing!

We didn’t go for a walk today, but we had a little night time excursion through the complex to get the mail. She seemed to enjoy it, even though it means she had to get up. With her little belly full of chew, my little iggy will probably sleep like an angel tonight.