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oh pooh!

Published April 17, 2012 by lowercase v

italian greyhound sleeping in pink polka dot sweater

Today there were three things on the agenda. Firstly I had to wait for a package for Gabi, secondly I had to go to the bank and thirdly I had to go to a seminar late afternoon which would leave Gabi home alone. I was hoping to get the package early, but the Courier Guy only showed up as we were on our way to the seminar, which means banking will have to wait until tomorrow.

The seminar was from 16:00-19:00 which meant Gabi would be home alone for at least 4 hours. She was very excited to see her humans when I opened the door. My mother discovered some old dried out dog poop on a rug in the living room. Yuck! When I when to the bathroom I saw a big yellow stain on the bathmat! Gabi can easily get in and out of the house when she needs to. She very clearly acted out against being left alone. If behaviour like this happens again, she’ll probably have to stay outside when she’s home alone. I hope this doesn’t happen because winter is rapidly approaching.

One of the cuter, yet still naughty, things Gabi did today was to drag my fleece blanket from my bed, onto her doggy bed.

I finally had a chance to open the package after cleaning up. It contained a fleece doggy jersey, a sea-belt clip (which I will post about at some later stage) and sunscreen wipes. The jersey, which’s colour and pattern I couldn’t choose, turned out to be pick with polka dots and looks pretty cute. The lady from the website also threw in 2 (I assume) raw hide type sinew chews, which is pretty damn cool. I gave Gabi one of the chews and just didn’t have the heart to take it away again. she just loved it so much! She ate the whole (14cm) thing!

We didn’t go for a walk today, but we had a little night time excursion through the complex to get the mail. She seemed to enjoy it, even though it means she had to get up. With her little belly full of chew, my little iggy will probably sleep like an angel tonight.


Published March 26, 2012 by lowercase v

Today I bought Gabi her first outift (well since living with me). I got her the Dog’s Life:  Striped Wooly Pully. I wanted to get the large because it sounded like the best fit according to her chest and neck measurements though I did think an L would be a bit short on her back…  Even though I asked for large the sales lady gave me an XL. I only noticed that I got the wrong size when I got home. I tried on the XL and it was a good length although it is a bit baggy. My mother suggested we keep the XL and Gaby seemed comfortable in it, so it kept it.

italian greyhound in striped sweater iggy in sweater can't go through bars

The only problem is… she can’t get out through the Treli-door! The collar, which is quite wide around her neck gets stuck. She tries going through between different bars, but it doesn’t seem to help. ;)

iggy sleeps in sweater


Published March 23, 2012 by lowercase v


For goodness sake! When I’m looking at little doggy outfits on your website, I can see from the picture that my dog would look frikkin adorable in the little jacket or bunny out fit. I don’t need you to throw cutesy  sales adjectives. Just tell me: Do you use faux fur, or was some poor little creature slaughtered for that collar trim? I shouldn’t have to e-mail you about it, it should be on your page… or at least in the FAQs.

Rollin on the rug

Edit: At the time of me writing the rant, the pet clothing company in question replied to my mail and assured me they use faux fur. I do still find however, a general lack of information regarding pet supply companies


*Seal image: flickrcc


Published March 6, 2012 by lowercase v

It was hot yesterday and technically it’s still summer, but it’s a bit of a chilly day today. When we went outside this morning Gabi was shivering a bit. She has been sleeping in her bed for most of the day, covered in her blanket.

The good news is I will be able to walk her early this afternoon, thus avoiding traffic and bid dogs running out of their yards when the owners come home.
The bad news is this morning I woke up to find ants in her older bag of food (have been mixing it with her new food). There were ants behind the bags and around her food bowls. Luckily there was only about a cup of food left in the on bad of food and her new food has a ziploc which kept the ants out.

Since Iggies, and clearly Gabi, are so susceptible to cold I will definitely have to start getting some doggy clothes for autumn and winter. I never thought I’d be the kind of girl to dress up a dog but I’m getting quite excited to put her in little outfits. I already have a few in mind.


Camo winter jacket skull back-pack hoodie

Scottish Dress  Red winter jacket