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The visitor

Published June 5, 2013 by lowercase v

chatting at the fence

MONDAY ( 3 May)

I heard Gabi barking and I went to check on her. She was standing on the back porch and in the back yard our neighbour’s Jack Russel girl was lying on the grass. They had only barked at each other through the fence and the JRT (I think her name is Luna) seemed a bit fierce.

I needed to get the JRT home. I decided to keep Gabi inside the house, because I wanted to keep the JRT calm and I also didn’t want to take any chances with Gabi getting hurt.

I tried calling “Luna”. I tried reaching out for her. I avoided eye contact. I tried treats, but she wouldn’t eat them.  I just sat on the grass… But she wouldn’t come near me.

I  could see a hole in the bottom of the fence, though she didn’t seem to be able to go back from our side. The fence isn’t very high so she could probably jump over from there side where there is more steps and mounds etc, but not from our side. I could see she wasn’t going to let me take her home, so I decided to just let her be and go leave a note on the neighbours’ gate.

While our backyards are adjacent, our front yards are not, so I had to walk through the complex to get there. I took Gabi with me.

We got back home. Gabi seemed very excited and she wanted to go outside. I went out with her, she was still on the leash. Luna seemed friendly toward her so I let her off the leash. They ran around, chasing each other, tails wagging, tongues hanging out. It was so great seeing Gabi play with another dog. Even though she’s gabby she’s very skittish.

I was watching them play I heard our neighbour calling from the fence.  We exchanged a few words and I helped her pick up Luna over the fence.

Although I’m glad Gabi made a friend and that she had some fun, I don’t like that the neighours dog just got in our yard. She wasn’t even wearing a tag. What if she got out?  It crosses a boundary.  I mean she already pooped on our lawn.  Sorry, but this is not her home. The neighbours, who only recently moved in, got a third dog after moving in, despite there being a 2-PETS-only rule in our complex. In the third dog’s defense, it is a cute Weimeraner puppy.

Skin Deep

Published March 24, 2013 by lowercase v

I’m feeling a lot of anger toward a certain woman right now and her idiot husband… but mostly her.

lead me

On Tuesday, March 19th, some idiot people had left their gate open and the Jack Russel ran out., I didn’t panic, because, I thought it would just make things worse and that the JR probably just wanted to sniff. Then their Lab ran out and didn’t seem so friendly, so I called Gabi and she jumped into my arms. She had been slightly less skittish lately and now all that progress had been for nothing.

They called the dogs off me. They didn’t say sorry or nothing the horrible woman had the nerve to yell “why do you walk past when you saw there’s dogs here earlier.”  The audacity!
i told her it was her RESPONSIBILITY to keep her dogs in the yard… and I didn’t say this to them, but: FFS who keeps their gate open that long?!

I was surprised to find a bite wound on Gabi’s side, because she had not yelped nor has she made any sound of distress. I carried her home for most of the way home. She seemed to carried on as if nothing was wrong, but I wanted to have her checked out nonetheless.

Took Gabi to vet. The wound was only skin deep, a piece of fur and skin torn off. The vet applied some ointment and gave Gabi some shots and I got some ointment to take home… but she rubbed the would up against the car seat, so it looked slightly worse when we got home, but there wasn’t any real bleeding.

Day of bite wound today

I’ve been cleaning the wound 1-2 times a day and applying ointment. I try to prevent her from licking the ointment off, but she still does it. Luckily it doesn’t seem to do any harm but I’m keeping an eye on her. She also hasn’t really gone on walks since the incident, mainly because I din’t want to avoid exposing the wound to the sun. The wounds looks much better, but her skin looks pretty raw.

I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t have gone with anesthesia (would I have remembered to ask for gas anesthesia instead of barbiturates?) and stitches, rather than treating it as an open wound.
I can but feeling a niggle of self-blame for not picking up her up much sooner or crossing the street.

I just hope she heals very fast and very well, so that things call get back to normal.

Her bark is worse than her… oh nevermind.

Published November 18, 2012 by lowercase v


This is not about Gabi. It’s about another dog. Our next door neighbour has two  very Jack Russells. Both of them used to bark at us whenever we walk past. Over time the one has stopped and now only barks when I have Gabi. The other JR, the one I call Brown-face, has kept on barking. And she barks long after she can’t see you anymore.

Yesterday, around 5 pm, I left our house to return a DVD I had rented. As soon as I closed our garden gate behind me to head for my garage, the two Jack Russells storm out through their gate, which wasn’t closed properly, barking all the way. I remained calm and firmly said: “No. Go home!” I headed toward their gate to get them inside and close the gate behind me.

The next thing I knew I felt something sharp on my bare calve. Brown-face had bitten me.  I said “No”. The dogs ran off. At least one into the courtyard.

dog bite

With trepidation I went to the neighbours’ house, not sure which dog might be in the yard. Our neighbours’ son came out on the porch. I told him what had happened. He apologized and then ran out to go get the dog/dogs.

I went back inside the house and told my mother what had happened  Gabi was such a good little girl throughout the commotion, just lying on the couch and watching with concern.   Poor Gabi, she was supposed to be going to a walk at that time. My mother went to see our other negihbour, the caretaker. I soon followed. The caretaker told us that their had been several complaints about the noisy dogs. Brown-face had also bitten her pant legs as well as someone else. Our neighbours had never gotten permission from the board to keep the two dogs at their unit. The also were violating the 2 Pets Only rule, as they have two cats.  Our neighbour’s wife had also told her (the caretaker) that the dogs would soon go to live with their daughter (their actual owner) who lives on a farm.

The son then came to see us.  He told us they’d be paying for my Tetanus shot etc, and he was waiting to talk to his parents so they could take me to the hospital. I made myself some coffee and while I was still drinking it the neighbour came over and said I could just go to the hospital and bring him the bill.

At the hospital I was asked some questions to make sure there wasn’t a Rabies risk (have had some cases in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Johannesburg). I didn’t think there was much risk, since both dogs had their shots a few months ago and Brown-face seems obnoxious and aggressive normally anyway. I was given a Tetanus shot (to prevent Lock Jaw) as well as pain med (although haven’t really needed it yet) and antibiotics. My medical aid (insurance) covered most of it (except for a quite large co-payment) and will send me a bill on Monday.  If you do get into a bite situation, go see a Doctor asap, because you have only 48 hours after Rabies exposure to get the medicine. It is also not readily available in South Africa, so make sure you go in time.

All though I wasn’t in shock or anything, I am still gobsmacked that I got bitten by a dog! The whole thing just feels so surreal. I’m just glad Gabi wasn’t there and that she didn’t get bitten.

If you have pets, please please make sure your gate is closed.


Published February 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Today we played fetch in the backyard. The next-door Jack Russel, Chloe, came to the fence to say hi. I moved up closer to the fence and called my Iggy. Gabi came and sat by me without barking, because I had treats.  However she was too excited to make friends and wanted to carry on playing. This was the closest she had come to make friends with Chloe. The reason this is important, is so that Gabi will stop incessantly barking whenever she sees her.

I got some plain colloidal silver gel today and started applying it to her nose. The other stuff is similar but has lavender, aloe ferrox and carrot added to it.  I let her lick peanut-butter from my other hand which kept her from licking the of f  her nose for a few seconds.

I added some bicarb (of soda) to her toothpaste when I brushed her teeth. Even though I was gentle I could just do a basic brush before she ran off to the corner of the room.

Gabi’s white neck, chest and stomach seem very pink at the moment.  I’m not sure if this is just regular sensitive Iggy skin.  It could possible some sort of irritant. I hope it’s not her furry bed. She really loves it.