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Slowly Does It

Published June 20, 2012 by lowercase v

Monday’s walk around the block was my first walk with Gabi since last Tuesday’s park visit. It was a very short walk, but still fighting flu, I found exhausting. A Boerboel-cross charged out of his yard and I got a fright. I scooped Gabi up in my arms, but the dog turned out to be friendly. He sniffed at Gabi, I gave him a quick scratch and he ran back home.

italian greyhound with toy bear
Yesterday I felt completely drained and spent most of the day in bed. I can’t really blame my body, apart from the flu, she also had to deal with womanhood and heal from a burn wound (I burned some skin off the top of my right hand, due to some clumsiness geting something out of the oven.  This was 2 weeks ago and I’m still wearing  band-aids.)

Yesterday (being the 19th) was Gabi’s 4th month living with us. It’s hard to imagine without her. She didn’t get a walk, but her grandma gave her a bite of meat and I gave her some Good Boy “choc” drops.

italian greyhound in park  italian greyhound on bridge

Today I took her to the spruitjie . The last time we where headed there, the field was on fire, so we went to a different park.  The grass around the paths were fine, but the bushes in the centre, where Gabi loves to hunt, is burnt. I’m hoping she won’t run there in more (no black paw prints, thanks), but I think it’s a good thing because now there’s better visibility and more safety.

Right now Gabi is curled up in her bed, a few feet away, and much less antsy than she was last night. Probably just waiting for me to go to bed so she can cuddle up to me.

sleeping iggy