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The visitor

Published June 5, 2013 by lowercase v

chatting at the fence

MONDAY ( 3 May)

I heard Gabi barking and I went to check on her. She was standing on the back porch and in the back yard our neighbour’s Jack Russel girl was lying on the grass. They had only barked at each other through the fence and the JRT (I think her name is Luna) seemed a bit fierce.

I needed to get the JRT home. I decided to keep Gabi inside the house, because I wanted to keep the JRT calm and I also didn’t want to take any chances with Gabi getting hurt.

I tried calling “Luna”. I tried reaching out for her. I avoided eye contact. I tried treats, but she wouldn’t eat them.  I just sat on the grass… But she wouldn’t come near me.

I  could see a hole in the bottom of the fence, though she didn’t seem to be able to go back from our side. The fence isn’t very high so she could probably jump over from there side where there is more steps and mounds etc, but not from our side. I could see she wasn’t going to let me take her home, so I decided to just let her be and go leave a note on the neighbours’ gate.

While our backyards are adjacent, our front yards are not, so I had to walk through the complex to get there. I took Gabi with me.

We got back home. Gabi seemed very excited and she wanted to go outside. I went out with her, she was still on the leash. Luna seemed friendly toward her so I let her off the leash. They ran around, chasing each other, tails wagging, tongues hanging out. It was so great seeing Gabi play with another dog. Even though she’s gabby she’s very skittish.

I was watching them play I heard our neighbour calling from the fence.  We exchanged a few words and I helped her pick up Luna over the fence.

Although I’m glad Gabi made a friend and that she had some fun, I don’t like that the neighours dog just got in our yard. She wasn’t even wearing a tag. What if she got out?  It crosses a boundary.  I mean she already pooped on our lawn.  Sorry, but this is not her home. The neighbours, who only recently moved in, got a third dog after moving in, despite there being a 2-PETS-only rule in our complex. In the third dog’s defense, it is a cute Weimeraner puppy.