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Published May 3, 2017 by lowercase v

DAY 5 (Yesterday)
We went to the beach and Gabi enjoyed running on the sand. She gave me a big fright when she nipped at a washed up jellyfish, but she missed the stingy bit and was escaped the encounter unscathed.  She seemed to  really enjoy herself, though when we were not on the beach, she was very tender.  (She snagged her nail somewhere on Monday night. Probably the wooden steps at our vacation house. The nail tore half-off and was bleeding. I wrapped a bandage around her paw.)

She didn’t want me touching her paw at all today and I was a bit concerned that it might get infected.

Since I’m not here with my own transport, last night I asked my dad if we could take Gabi to the vet today.

DAY 6 (Today)
We drove into Knysna to take Gabi to the vet. We went earlier so we drove around Leisure Isle and have coffee at a little dog-friendly coffee shop. We stopped at a view point to look at The Heads.

We then took her to the vet. It was still a bit early, but I thought she might need to be sedated. So they said I had to check her in. I did that and my parents and I went to have lunch nearby. We had just finished when I got a call to pick Gabi up. The vet removed the injured nail, since it was still half attached and cut the other nails for me. She was given a sedative as well as, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections.

We then drove back to where we staying, looking at some fancy houses along the way. To day is a drizzly day, So I had to take Gabi out to pee with a plastic bag around the bandage. She has to wear the bandage for 3 days and cannot get it wet. The vet advised against taking her to the beach. I was given some medication (antibiotics) which I have to give to her from tomorrow morning.  She has been sleeping most of the time since we got back, but she has eaten a bit.

My parents are planning a boat cruise tomorrow. I think I’ll stay here with Gabi, because I don’t really want to leave her alone when she’s injured.

It’s a pity we can’t take her to the beach for the next few days, because she really loves it.

Though, obviously the vet bill has made this vacation a lot more expensive, I’m glad we took her.  It’s a huge weight of my shoulders.


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Operation Successful

Published August 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning I took Gabi into the animal clinic for her surgery.


I had to star prep on Saturday morning, by giving her some antibiotics (for the dental work) twice daily. This is quite tricky, since their is a shortage on animal dosage version of these pills and I have to split powder the human version in two. The powder then has to be dissolved in water in a small syringe. Gabi hates in when I shoot this medicine into her mouth.

On Monday night I had to take her food away at 7 pm.  She was very disappointed not to beg a bite from her grandpa’s dinner plate.   I also had to take a marker and mark all the growths I could find which the vet didn’t biopsy during our visit .


Traffic wasn’t too bad yesterday morning and I got to the vet’s 10 minutes early, when the gate was still closed. I put her on her leash and we had a short walk so she could stretch her legs and do her business.  I then checked her in.  Understandably, she did not want to go into the cage.

It was a loooooooooooong morning. I had many hot beverages and distracted myself with youtube videos.  Around noon I was at a food store to get a few things. The vet called my on my cellphone while I was there. I didn’t recognize the number and I could not hear him properly so at first I thought it was probably a telemarketer. Luckily I was fairly polite (though I may have sound’t like an idiot).  I heard him say the operation went well and I could pick Gabi up between 5- 6 pm.

I was extremely relieved but the rest of the day seemed like an eternity. I was there a few minutes before 5 pm.  I didn’t have to wait. The assistant told me my timing was good because Gabi’s IV drip finished a few minutes before.  I followed her to the recovery room where my baby was waiting in  a somewhat larger cages.

She wasn’t wearing a cone and the assistant told me she wouldn’t need one. They had removed quite a few fatty tissue growths and also pulled a few teeth (a little more than expected, which also means a somewhat larger bill). They assistant told me Gabi could still eat kibble/ pellets since she still had enough teeth left.

Gabi climbed into me arms and I carried her to the car. She seemed like she might want to jump seats, so I gently put her in her car harness and took her home. When I took her out of the harness once we stopped in the garage, she jumped out of the car and walked towards the house.

Her teeth still seemed sensitive and she wasn’t having any on the kibble, so we gave her some blended rice, pumpkin and chicken.  We will probably feed her soft food for a day or two.

Later she seemed to move more gingerly, probably as the pain killer wore off. She cried when I tried to pick her up to put her on my bed. At times she just stood around or paced about the house.  She did manage to jump onto my bed later to sleep under the duvet with me.

This morning she seems much better, although still sore. She has quite a lot of stitches. She has been licking at the wounds where she can reach, but I don’t think she’s gnawing at them.  I’ll keep an eye out and if there is an issue with the stitches, I’ll call the vet.

Bar for the gaps in her mouth, her teeth look really clean. Cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. (They might have been this clean when she was a pup, but that was long before I adopted her) Her nails are nor short and neatly trimmed. This is actually very awesome as she does not keep still for nail clippers. Ever. Even with someone helping me. Even with treats. I could never do all her paws at the same time. I hope the will file themselves naturally when we go for walk, now that they’re so nice and short.  She can’t have anesthesia every time I need to trim her claws.


Despite the larger veterinary bill, I am glad we could get all these health issues sorted.

I am so glad to have my little girl home with my. I missed her like crazy the few hours we were separated yesterday. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

PS. Yesterday I saw a newspaper headline about ‘military vets’. My first thought was of some kind of veterinarian taking care of army dogs and other military service animals… then I realized they were human military veterans.

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Published April 23, 2016 by lowercase v

On  Monday afternoon I decided to give my dog Gabi a bath, while still have warm sunny days.

Early that evening I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. I walked past the living room on my way to the bathroom.  I noticed Gabi on the living room floor acting weird and at times lifting her hind leg. There appeared to be mud on the tiles, but I couldn’t think where it could come from since the sprinkler wasn’t on and it hadn’t been raining. I thought she might have a thorn in here paw, but  when I got closer and realized it was blood on the floor.


On her one hind paw, an outside nails were hanging by a thread and the life was exposed. Naturally I freaked out. I picked her up ad took her to the bedroom. I put her down and she jumped on my bed leaving bloody prints on the sheets and my duvet cover.



I dabbed a bit of iodine on the life and she whimpered. I tried to gentle take of the nail off, or put the nail back over the nail (as a temporary fix), but she wasn’t having it. I wrapped some I gauze around the paw.  The gauze was off the foot within seconds

I washed my hands and went to check on dinner.

I went back to assess Gabi. I noticed that the nail was now torn off completely.  I tried rewrapping the foot, better this time , but not good enough. Next thing she was walking around with the ball of gauze in her mouth like it’s some sort of soft toy.

She was bleeding so I decided that I would keep an eye on the paw and that a emergency trip to the vet wasn’t necessary.

Through the week she at times would hop on three legs.  The nail/life  is still red but there isn’t any pus or surrounding redness.

We cut some of the nails on the front paws. She wouldn’t let us near the back (but she HATES nail cutting to begin with).

Her claws are very brittle (and I probably need a different clipper, this is the second one I’ve bought).

It probably wouldn’t help to take her to a groomer. I’m guessing she’d need to be sedated.

She generally seems like herself, just less interested in walks.

Not Over Yet…

Published December 21, 2012 by lowercase v

Today is 21 December 2012
It’s the summer solstice (In the Southern Hemisphere where we live) and thus the longest day of the year.
Gabi was going to have a bath today, but it’s rainy, so we’ll have to postpone it until tomorrow or Monday.

next to mom

Week past:

On Tuesday there was a terrible thunderstorm and hail stones hit my car as I waited outside the vet’s to buy dewormer for Gabi. I put the white tablet in some boerewors (ground beef sausage) and she wolfed it up. She was dewormed. She also left muddy paw prints over my clean duvet cover. During the course of the afternoon the power went our and only came back on around 9pm. Gabi was freaked out by the humans moving and plotting and huddling (to see photos on a tablet) in the dark. I didn’t get around to blogging. I had Indian take-aways for dinner, which was quite nice.

On Wednesday the power went out at around 7pm, luckily just after dinner. I had a drink while trying to get on to my Facebook from my cellphone (had to reset the password) and I knocked over the glass while trying to write down a code by candle light. The glass shattered on the floor, very close to Gabi’s bed. She ran to the lounge and I was worried about shards of glass and her paws, but luckily she didn’t yelp and her paws seemed fine. I cleaned up the mess and pieces of glass by candle light, this is not easy to do. The power came back on before midnight.

Yesterday we got some litchis and Gabi seemed to want some, so we gave her a piece and although chewing it was a bit awkward, she seemed to love it.

Last Saturday:

Chance  doggy friends in park

We had a play-date with some doggy friends and their human moms. It was a nice sunny summer’s day. It took Gabi a while to get used to them again. But she was more relaxed around them than in the past. Chance (a playful mixed breed boy) and his mom, rode with us in the car to the park in Johannesburg. When the first wanted to get into the car, Gabi was a bit aggressive so the sat in the back and Gabi sat in the friend. However on the way home Gabi was exhausted and must’ve remembered that they were our friends, she and Chance were in the back and his mom sat in the front. I hope that next yearwe get to see our friends more often.

To all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere were it is now winter solstice, were hope that you and your pets are all warm and safe on the longest night.

Stepped in it.

Published November 14, 2012 by lowercase v

iggy paw

As I was sitting on my bed, busy on my laptop, Gabi suddenly ran into the room. Like  usual, she jumped on the bed, full of energy and affection. She pawed me and licked me and bit (in a playful way) at my face. As I nudged her away I noticed wet paw prints on the bed cover. “What is this?” I asked.

I soon found out it was gunk. Ewwy, ewwy, gunk from the drain overflowing at the side of the house. Several drains in our townhouse complex have been having plumbing problems the past couple of days. Apparently some tree roots had overgrown and in time, damaged a  pipe.  Which sucks, because you can’t exactly trim tree roots.

So anyway I had to close the sliding doors to prevent Gabi from running around the house though the gunk.  No she can only go out the front.  

It’s a very unpleasant situation and I hope it will be fixed ASAP. Iggy needs to run.


Published April 4, 2012 by lowercase v

Yesterday I baked some dog biscuits for Gabi. I added a bit of ginger to the dough. She seems to like ginger bread and drives me nuts whenever I’m eating a cookie. I used the small cookie cutter to make some really small cookies which I can use for training. 

baking cookies heart shaped cookies

Gabi’s dew claw (thumb nail)  is no longer an issue. The other day I decided to cut off another piece of nail while she was clam and lying with her paws exposed. As I cut, she yelped and jerked and the rest of the loose nail tore off. I guess it was a bit like pulling a baby tooth. I put on some antiseptic and a plaster (band-aid), but the plaster didn’t stay on long. I found it today in the front garden. 

iggy chilling on the couch

We gave Gabi a bath today and she feels incredibly soft. My new fleece blanket was washed this morning and Gabi and I have been cuddling on it this evening. She is also wearing her sweater so everything is just warm and fuzzy.  

iggy getting sleepy

Hoppity Hop

Published March 28, 2012 by lowercase v

Although she didn’t have much of an appetite today, but graciously accepted a few dog biscuits She lied in her bed all day but when we took a short walk, she was well enough to chase the neighbour cat, even if it was from the other side of the fence.

Her “thumb-nail” or dew claw still seemed painful, I decided to tape it down. It’s kind of loose and stands to the side sometimes. I’m scared she’ll get it caught on something and rip it off completely.  She also keeps licking at it. I wiped it with salt water gauze and put on some betadine. It was nearly impossible, since she just would not sit still and she would yep if I went near her dew claw. I then wrapped gauze around the area and wrapped stretch plaster/tape around the paw. I don’t know if it’s just psychosomatic, because the wrapping doesn’t look like it would restrict movement, but she’s walking with a bit of a limb.