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Unending source of cute

Published September 28, 2013 by lowercase v

If Gabi was a human, you’d call me creepy. I can just watch her forever.

watch u1

watch u2

Worker’s Day

Published May 4, 2012 by lowercase v

On Worker’s Day (May 1st) 2012, Gabi and I joined some friends at Walk Haven dog park for some fun. The park is enormous and indeed a haven for dogs. They can frolic off-leash and swim in several ponds. There are also bowls of water provided for the dogs.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  

For the humans there are several picnic tables, braai (BBQ) facilities and a restaurant. There are also public restrooms and a reel of plastic baggies for your dogs.

They do charge an entrance fee, but seeing as it is a secure environment for dogs, and you can make a day of it, it is worth it.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  walkhaven dog park gauteng

This was my first visit there with Gabi. When I stopped the car and she saw the park Gabi started crying excitedly. However she did not immediately jump out of the car after I release her seat belt, like she would at her normal park, but waited for me to coax her out.

She seemed to enjoy the park but she was still extremely cautious of other dogs and would jump up into my arms whenever any dog got too close for comfort.  She was spoiled by the girls in my crowd with treats and biscuits. The dogs in our crowd included:  a springer spaniel, a bull terrier, a mixed breed, a rottie, 3 pekingese, a boston terrier and a sharpei.

While one of the other dogs stole some food at lunch time, little Gabi just sat politely on the bench trying to stare the fries out oc my friend’s plate.

gabi stare some fries out of a plate

We went for about 3 walks. Tough some of the other dogs in our group swam, Gabi did not. She did at one crossing however run through some shallow pond water instead of using the bridge. She also got splashed by the larger dogs shaking water off their coats.

Gabi was exhausted and slept the entire hour-something drive home. Even though May is technically winter in SA,  we’ve been having weirdly warm weather. So, Gabi was bathed when we got home.

oh pooh!

Published April 17, 2012 by lowercase v

italian greyhound sleeping in pink polka dot sweater

Today there were three things on the agenda. Firstly I had to wait for a package for Gabi, secondly I had to go to the bank and thirdly I had to go to a seminar late afternoon which would leave Gabi home alone. I was hoping to get the package early, but the Courier Guy only showed up as we were on our way to the seminar, which means banking will have to wait until tomorrow.

The seminar was from 16:00-19:00 which meant Gabi would be home alone for at least 4 hours. She was very excited to see her humans when I opened the door. My mother discovered some old dried out dog poop on a rug in the living room. Yuck! When I when to the bathroom I saw a big yellow stain on the bathmat! Gabi can easily get in and out of the house when she needs to. She very clearly acted out against being left alone. If behaviour like this happens again, she’ll probably have to stay outside when she’s home alone. I hope this doesn’t happen because winter is rapidly approaching.

One of the cuter, yet still naughty, things Gabi did today was to drag my fleece blanket from my bed, onto her doggy bed.

I finally had a chance to open the package after cleaning up. It contained a fleece doggy jersey, a sea-belt clip (which I will post about at some later stage) and sunscreen wipes. The jersey, which’s colour and pattern I couldn’t choose, turned out to be pick with polka dots and looks pretty cute. The lady from the website also threw in 2 (I assume) raw hide type sinew chews, which is pretty damn cool. I gave Gabi one of the chews and just didn’t have the heart to take it away again. she just loved it so much! She ate the whole (14cm) thing!

We didn’t go for a walk today, but we had a little night time excursion through the complex to get the mail. She seemed to enjoy it, even though it means she had to get up. With her little belly full of chew, my little iggy will probably sleep like an angel tonight.

Happy Easter

Published April 5, 2012 by lowercase v

easter iggy


To those who celebrate: Happy Easter. To the rest: Have an awesome long weekend.
Not sure what we’ll be doing this long weekend, probably chilling at home and taking walks.

Dog related events in  Joburg this weekend:

  •  SAINTs has a 2nd hand book sale on Saturday 7 April. Outside Ocean Basket, Northriding in aid of  Barking Mad.  (9:00 – 14:00)
  • Pick and Pay & Nutriphase’s  Animal Carnival 6-9 April 2012.  Kyalami Eqeustrian Park.


No Walkies

Published February 24, 2012 by lowercase v

rope chew. sweet face.

Gabi slept like a puppy in her new baby. She didn’t get up that much today except a treat, breakfast (which she only ate much later), a few trips outside and some cuddling. It’s a sunny day without a cloud in sight, but we can’t go for a walk yet again. It seems I have injured my right foot, though heaven knows how, and I am unable to step on it today. I had a strong pain killer last night and again around lunch so I’m pretty dozy today. Tomorrow concludes my first week with Gabi, I can hardly believe it.

Settling in.

Published February 20, 2012 by lowercase v

taggedDuring the first night I woke up three times because of Gabi stirring. Each time I thought that it was nature’s call but, each time she was only checking if I was still there sleeping on the bed next to her pillow. Perhaps it was also the strange environment. When I awoke early this morning it was raining and Gabi did not want to go out. She slept for another hour or two while I was busy on my computer and then finally went outside to relieve herself.
She hungrily ate her break fast. While I was out running some errands (including getting things like doggy sunscreen for her tender muzzle), she stayed with my mother. Mom reported that Gabi had been good but stared out the window a couple of times, awaiting my return.  Her good behaviour was rewarded with a peanut-butter dog biscuit.

During the day she was more vocal than yesterday, but only when she was outside. She wasn’t any noisier than the other dogs in the area.  She also started playing with the rope chew which she wasn’t interested in yesterday. We went for a walk in the late afternoon  and she walked quite well on the leash. She did bark back at other dogs, probably just introducing herself to the neighbourhood, but she followed when I redirected her.

She doesn’t seem used to her collar, but I think it’ll take a few days. At the moment she is sleeping like an angel with only her paws, snout and the tip of her tail sticking out of the blanket.

just paws sticking out when gabi sleeps