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Gotcha Day 5

Published February 19, 2017 by lowercase v

On the 19th of February 2012, I brought Gabi home with me. She was just shy of 6 years old.

(pictures from the first day)

It was’t always easy. She had  health issues and got bitten by a dog running out of its yard. (she was already scared of strange dogs).

But we took care of her the best we could and just love her every day.

We’ve had a lot of good times.

And here’s hoping for many more happy years together. I love this little dog.


14 February 2017


Thank you for being my best friend.


©Gabi Italian Greyhound Bytes. 2017

Catch Up

Published February 6, 2017 by lowercase v

February is a special month for us. On the 19th it will be the 5th anniversary of the day Gabi came to live with me. On the 25th it will be Gabi’s birthday. She will be 11 human years old!

As she gets older Gabi seems to get lazier to go for walks, especially on-lead. We’ve had several off-leash walks in the past week or two. Sometimes she eagerly jumps in the car, other times she seems to fear that she is going to the vet. She soon gets excited when she realizes we are on our way to the park.


Gabi doesn’t usually dig in the garden, but she dug up the succulents (pictured above). She is usually a very good little dog.

She does have a naughty habit, and she knows she’s being naughty when she does it. She steals used tissues and cotton buds (ear buds) from her grandma’s waste basket. I guess she just can’t resist them.

©lowercase v 2017

Wrapping up 2012

Published December 31, 2012 by lowercase v

So 2012 has come and gone. The world is still here, although how well it is, is debatable. This has been and important year for us. Gabi came into my life and she found her forever home. There year had it’s wins and losses, but overall it’s been worth it.

Gabi at Gate gabi italian greyhound

Today I went to get some tick and flea stuff for Gabi at the store. The shopping centre has very smooth shiny floor tiles. Some one spilled some ice-cream or milkshake or something on the floor and I slipped and fell.  I was furious. But coming home and seeing Gabi waiting at the gate, tail wagging, smiling with a toy in her mouth, made me smile and I instantly felt better.

I’m not sure if I’ll take her for a walk this afternoon,  because it is a scorching hot day. I’m not going out this New Years Eve.  I’m staying home, for Gabi’s sake and because I’m broke. I really hope there won’t be any fireworks, although there probably will be.


Thanks you all for your friendship and support in 2012.

Please make sure your pets are safe tonight.
Please my sure your pets are wearing all their tags and identification.
Please report fireworks in residential areas where they are prohibited as well as shops who sell them illegally.
Please DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, have a sober friend or call a taxi.

Have a fun, safe and Happy New Years Eve!!!

Happy Semi-Anniversary!

Published August 19, 2012 by lowercase v

My sweet Gabi has been with me for six months already! I can’t believe how time has flown, though it does feel in a way like she has always been part of my life.  The day I took her home was also a Sunday (like today).

Some images from 19 February 2012:

So, 19 August 2012:
She had a nice fresh raw carrot to chew on and  yes dogs do eat carrots, it’s a healthy chew that’s good for their teeth. Today being a special, she gets fresh, cooked “human” food instead of kibble The meal consists of brown rice, lentils, sweet potato, butternut and a boiled egg…  Gabi loved her meal and wolfed everything up.  After she first started eating, she looked up as if to say: Is this really for ME?  She now has a full belly and is taking a nice long Sunday nap.


Iggy eating a carrot

I was thinking of taking her to one of the nice parks we usually take the dog friends, but I think I’ll rather do that in the week when it’s quieter. I will however take her for a walk and play a bit of fetch.

It is hard to fully convey how much this little dog means to me. She puts a smile on my face every day. I let her sleep in my bed (even though she does not shower every night), I clean up after her  and carry her when she jumps up in my arms. She’s my best friend, even when she has bad breath. I love her.

Some images from the past 6 months:

   italian greyhound in blanket  italian greyhound with red ribbom

Worker’s Day

Published May 4, 2012 by lowercase v

On Worker’s Day (May 1st) 2012, Gabi and I joined some friends at Walk Haven dog park for some fun. The park is enormous and indeed a haven for dogs. They can frolic off-leash and swim in several ponds. There are also bowls of water provided for the dogs.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  

For the humans there are several picnic tables, braai (BBQ) facilities and a restaurant. There are also public restrooms and a reel of plastic baggies for your dogs.

They do charge an entrance fee, but seeing as it is a secure environment for dogs, and you can make a day of it, it is worth it.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  walkhaven dog park gauteng

This was my first visit there with Gabi. When I stopped the car and she saw the park Gabi started crying excitedly. However she did not immediately jump out of the car after I release her seat belt, like she would at her normal park, but waited for me to coax her out.

She seemed to enjoy the park but she was still extremely cautious of other dogs and would jump up into my arms whenever any dog got too close for comfort.  She was spoiled by the girls in my crowd with treats and biscuits. The dogs in our crowd included:  a springer spaniel, a bull terrier, a mixed breed, a rottie, 3 pekingese, a boston terrier and a sharpei.

While one of the other dogs stole some food at lunch time, little Gabi just sat politely on the bench trying to stare the fries out oc my friend’s plate.

gabi stare some fries out of a plate

We went for about 3 walks. Tough some of the other dogs in our group swam, Gabi did not. She did at one crossing however run through some shallow pond water instead of using the bridge. She also got splashed by the larger dogs shaking water off their coats.

Gabi was exhausted and slept the entire hour-something drive home. Even though May is technically winter in SA,  we’ve been having weirdly warm weather. So, Gabi was bathed when we got home.