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histology results

Published September 16, 2017 by lowercase v

Got Gabi’s histology results back from the vet. It was indeed sarcoma, but he got it all, so we just need to keep a closer eye on her skin.

I’m still worried and stressing about her. There’s a spot on her leg where a stitch seemed to have popped, a small spot, so I’m applying the ointment to it. I’m still applying ointment to  her chest and tummy. she is so dirty from the ointment and should have a bath but I’m  giving the spot on her leg another day or two.  wish I could take the cone off, but scared she’ll bite her stitches.



Published May 3, 2017 by lowercase v

DAY 5 (Yesterday)
We went to the beach and Gabi enjoyed running on the sand. She gave me a big fright when she nipped at a washed up jellyfish, but she missed the stingy bit and was escaped the encounter unscathed.  She seemed to  really enjoy herself, though when we were not on the beach, she was very tender.  (She snagged her nail somewhere on Monday night. Probably the wooden steps at our vacation house. The nail tore half-off and was bleeding. I wrapped a bandage around her paw.)

She didn’t want me touching her paw at all today and I was a bit concerned that it might get infected.

Since I’m not here with my own transport, last night I asked my dad if we could take Gabi to the vet today.

DAY 6 (Today)
We drove into Knysna to take Gabi to the vet. We went earlier so we drove around Leisure Isle and have coffee at a little dog-friendly coffee shop. We stopped at a view point to look at The Heads.

We then took her to the vet. It was still a bit early, but I thought she might need to be sedated. So they said I had to check her in. I did that and my parents and I went to have lunch nearby. We had just finished when I got a call to pick Gabi up. The vet removed the injured nail, since it was still half attached and cut the other nails for me. She was given a sedative as well as, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections.

We then drove back to where we staying, looking at some fancy houses along the way. To day is a drizzly day, So I had to take Gabi out to pee with a plastic bag around the bandage. She has to wear the bandage for 3 days and cannot get it wet. The vet advised against taking her to the beach. I was given some medication (antibiotics) which I have to give to her from tomorrow morning.  She has been sleeping most of the time since we got back, but she has eaten a bit.

My parents are planning a boat cruise tomorrow. I think I’ll stay here with Gabi, because I don’t really want to leave her alone when she’s injured.

It’s a pity we can’t take her to the beach for the next few days, because she really loves it.

Though, obviously the vet bill has made this vacation a lot more expensive, I’m glad we took her.  It’s a huge weight of my shoulders.


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Operation Successful

Published August 17, 2016 by lowercase v

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning I took Gabi into the animal clinic for her surgery.


I had to star prep on Saturday morning, by giving her some antibiotics (for the dental work) twice daily. This is quite tricky, since their is a shortage on animal dosage version of these pills and I have to split powder the human version in two. The powder then has to be dissolved in water in a small syringe. Gabi hates in when I shoot this medicine into her mouth.

On Monday night I had to take her food away at 7 pm.  She was very disappointed not to beg a bite from her grandpa’s dinner plate.   I also had to take a marker and mark all the growths I could find which the vet didn’t biopsy during our visit .


Traffic wasn’t too bad yesterday morning and I got to the vet’s 10 minutes early, when the gate was still closed. I put her on her leash and we had a short walk so she could stretch her legs and do her business.  I then checked her in.  Understandably, she did not want to go into the cage.

It was a loooooooooooong morning. I had many hot beverages and distracted myself with youtube videos.  Around noon I was at a food store to get a few things. The vet called my on my cellphone while I was there. I didn’t recognize the number and I could not hear him properly so at first I thought it was probably a telemarketer. Luckily I was fairly polite (though I may have sound’t like an idiot).  I heard him say the operation went well and I could pick Gabi up between 5- 6 pm.

I was extremely relieved but the rest of the day seemed like an eternity. I was there a few minutes before 5 pm.  I didn’t have to wait. The assistant told me my timing was good because Gabi’s IV drip finished a few minutes before.  I followed her to the recovery room where my baby was waiting in  a somewhat larger cages.

She wasn’t wearing a cone and the assistant told me she wouldn’t need one. They had removed quite a few fatty tissue growths and also pulled a few teeth (a little more than expected, which also means a somewhat larger bill). They assistant told me Gabi could still eat kibble/ pellets since she still had enough teeth left.

Gabi climbed into me arms and I carried her to the car. She seemed like she might want to jump seats, so I gently put her in her car harness and took her home. When I took her out of the harness once we stopped in the garage, she jumped out of the car and walked towards the house.

Her teeth still seemed sensitive and she wasn’t having any on the kibble, so we gave her some blended rice, pumpkin and chicken.  We will probably feed her soft food for a day or two.

Later she seemed to move more gingerly, probably as the pain killer wore off. She cried when I tried to pick her up to put her on my bed. At times she just stood around or paced about the house.  She did manage to jump onto my bed later to sleep under the duvet with me.

This morning she seems much better, although still sore. She has quite a lot of stitches. She has been licking at the wounds where she can reach, but I don’t think she’s gnawing at them.  I’ll keep an eye out and if there is an issue with the stitches, I’ll call the vet.

Bar for the gaps in her mouth, her teeth look really clean. Cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. (They might have been this clean when she was a pup, but that was long before I adopted her) Her nails are nor short and neatly trimmed. This is actually very awesome as she does not keep still for nail clippers. Ever. Even with someone helping me. Even with treats. I could never do all her paws at the same time. I hope the will file themselves naturally when we go for walk, now that they’re so nice and short.  She can’t have anesthesia every time I need to trim her claws.


Despite the larger veterinary bill, I am glad we could get all these health issues sorted.

I am so glad to have my little girl home with my. I missed her like crazy the few hours we were separated yesterday. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

PS. Yesterday I saw a newspaper headline about ‘military vets’. My first thought was of some kind of veterinarian taking care of army dogs and other military service animals… then I realized they were human military veterans.

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Skin Deep

Published March 24, 2013 by lowercase v

I’m feeling a lot of anger toward a certain woman right now and her idiot husband… but mostly her.

lead me

On Tuesday, March 19th, some idiot people had left their gate open and the Jack Russel ran out., I didn’t panic, because, I thought it would just make things worse and that the JR probably just wanted to sniff. Then their Lab ran out and didn’t seem so friendly, so I called Gabi and she jumped into my arms. She had been slightly less skittish lately and now all that progress had been for nothing.

They called the dogs off me. They didn’t say sorry or nothing the horrible woman had the nerve to yell “why do you walk past when you saw there’s dogs here earlier.”  The audacity!
i told her it was her RESPONSIBILITY to keep her dogs in the yard… and I didn’t say this to them, but: FFS who keeps their gate open that long?!

I was surprised to find a bite wound on Gabi’s side, because she had not yelped nor has she made any sound of distress. I carried her home for most of the way home. She seemed to carried on as if nothing was wrong, but I wanted to have her checked out nonetheless.

Took Gabi to vet. The wound was only skin deep, a piece of fur and skin torn off. The vet applied some ointment and gave Gabi some shots and I got some ointment to take home… but she rubbed the would up against the car seat, so it looked slightly worse when we got home, but there wasn’t any real bleeding.

Day of bite wound today

I’ve been cleaning the wound 1-2 times a day and applying ointment. I try to prevent her from licking the ointment off, but she still does it. Luckily it doesn’t seem to do any harm but I’m keeping an eye on her. She also hasn’t really gone on walks since the incident, mainly because I din’t want to avoid exposing the wound to the sun. The wounds looks much better, but her skin looks pretty raw.

I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t have gone with anesthesia (would I have remembered to ask for gas anesthesia instead of barbiturates?) and stitches, rather than treating it as an open wound.
I can but feeling a niggle of self-blame for not picking up her up much sooner or crossing the street.

I just hope she heals very fast and very well, so that things call get back to normal.

Not Cancer!

Published September 18, 2012 by lowercase v

We got the results back from Gabi’s fecal smear and the great news is: The cells are not precancerous. IT’S NOT CANCER!!!

The vet said that it was just gastro-intestinal infection and asked me to bring her in for a check-up and possibly more shots/ medicine. Gabi looks much better since our last visit, although she still has a slight fever. She also has irritation in her eyes for which she got eye drops. I just have to watch what she eats and watch her poop for signs of problems. I’ll also have to switch to a better food.

The vet told me I should not be feeding her carrots or peanut-butter, because she’d develop an allergy because it’s vegetable. He (like most) believes dogs are carnivores. Needless to say feeling somewhat confused. I don’t want to aggravate Gabi’s tummy in any way. Obviously. This is just sad, because SHE LOVES CARROTS.

I guess I shouldn’t be baking her cookies either. :(

Thanks you all for your support and good wishes!