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2018 So Far

Published January 13, 2018 by lowercase v

Over the December I wasn’t always at home and a lot of the time I was also working at my computer. I made a point of being here on New Years Eve to be with Gabi in case of fire works.  I think she might’ve felt a bit neglected since she’s used to having me around more. She’s been chewing/eating pieces of paper. She’ll have to get used to being at home with out me more regularly though, because I really need to get a job.

She seemed to be having some digestive issues, but I dewormed her last Sunday and gave her some probiotics. She seems fully recovered from her enteritis issues from a few months ago. She is pretty lively for a dog who is almost twelve.

During the week we had two off-leash field/park walks and one on-leash walk around the block.  On Friday there was someone on a tractor, cutting the field grass and it had Gabi a bit nervous, but she wasn’t too freaked out.

On Thursday I heard some rustling noises.  I walked into the room, only to find Gabi standing on my desk with a sheet of paper in her mouth. So, I just firmly said “Gabi, no”.
She jumped off the desk, dropped the paper and went to hide in her bed. She has eaten some of my papers before, but thiswas the first I’m if caught her in the act. I hope she doesn’t do it again. It really isn’t good for her to eat things like that.  There was food in her bowl, so it wasn’t hunger.

Overall, she is just being a super affectionate little iggy.


Catch Up

Published February 6, 2017 by lowercase v

February is a special month for us. On the 19th it will be the 5th anniversary of the day Gabi came to live with me. On the 25th it will be Gabi’s birthday. She will be 11 human years old!

As she gets older Gabi seems to get lazier to go for walks, especially on-lead. We’ve had several off-leash walks in the past week or two. Sometimes she eagerly jumps in the car, other times she seems to fear that she is going to the vet. She soon gets excited when she realizes we are on our way to the park.


Gabi doesn’t usually dig in the garden, but she dug up the succulents (pictured above). She is usually a very good little dog.

She does have a naughty habit, and she knows she’s being naughty when she does it. She steals used tissues and cotton buds (ear buds) from her grandma’s waste basket. I guess she just can’t resist them.

©lowercase v 2017

Go Slow.

Published August 26, 2014 by lowercase v

donwalk  Gabi in Hiding
Traffic light image: FlickrCC 

I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Partly because not much have really been happening and also because I sometimes feel that I should just enjoy my little moments with Gabi rather than report on everything.

The weather is at a funny stage on the cusp of winter and spring. Gabi still wears her coat at night and in the morning, but I remove it during the day. It seems almost weird to see her “naked”.

Even though she seems excited when I suggest a walk (yes she knows the word), she doesn’t really seem that keen and makes me turn around a few yards down the street . Yesterday we went around the block. I don’t know what’s going on.  Is this a passing thing or is it to do with her age (8½ human years)?

©lowercase v 2014
Traffic light image from flickrcc.net, creative commons

Slowly Does It

Published June 20, 2012 by lowercase v

Monday’s walk around the block was my first walk with Gabi since last Tuesday’s park visit. It was a very short walk, but still fighting flu, I found exhausting. A Boerboel-cross charged out of his yard and I got a fright. I scooped Gabi up in my arms, but the dog turned out to be friendly. He sniffed at Gabi, I gave him a quick scratch and he ran back home.

italian greyhound with toy bear
Yesterday I felt completely drained and spent most of the day in bed. I can’t really blame my body, apart from the flu, she also had to deal with womanhood and heal from a burn wound (I burned some skin off the top of my right hand, due to some clumsiness geting something out of the oven.  This was 2 weeks ago and I’m still wearing  band-aids.)

Yesterday (being the 19th) was Gabi’s 4th month living with us. It’s hard to imagine without her. She didn’t get a walk, but her grandma gave her a bite of meat and I gave her some Good Boy “choc” drops.

italian greyhound in park  italian greyhound on bridge

Today I took her to the spruitjie . The last time we where headed there, the field was on fire, so we went to a different park.  The grass around the paths were fine, but the bushes in the centre, where Gabi loves to hunt, is burnt. I’m hoping she won’t run there in more (no black paw prints, thanks), but I think it’s a good thing because now there’s better visibility and more safety.

Right now Gabi is curled up in her bed, a few feet away, and much less antsy than she was last night. Probably just waiting for me to go to bed so she can cuddle up to me.

sleeping iggy

Worker’s Day

Published May 4, 2012 by lowercase v

On Worker’s Day (May 1st) 2012, Gabi and I joined some friends at Walk Haven dog park for some fun. The park is enormous and indeed a haven for dogs. They can frolic off-leash and swim in several ponds. There are also bowls of water provided for the dogs.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  

For the humans there are several picnic tables, braai (BBQ) facilities and a restaurant. There are also public restrooms and a reel of plastic baggies for your dogs.

They do charge an entrance fee, but seeing as it is a secure environment for dogs, and you can make a day of it, it is worth it.

walkhaven dog park gauteng  walkhaven dog park gauteng

This was my first visit there with Gabi. When I stopped the car and she saw the park Gabi started crying excitedly. However she did not immediately jump out of the car after I release her seat belt, like she would at her normal park, but waited for me to coax her out.

She seemed to enjoy the park but she was still extremely cautious of other dogs and would jump up into my arms whenever any dog got too close for comfort.  She was spoiled by the girls in my crowd with treats and biscuits. The dogs in our crowd included:  a springer spaniel, a bull terrier, a mixed breed, a rottie, 3 pekingese, a boston terrier and a sharpei.

While one of the other dogs stole some food at lunch time, little Gabi just sat politely on the bench trying to stare the fries out oc my friend’s plate.

gabi stare some fries out of a plate

We went for about 3 walks. Tough some of the other dogs in our group swam, Gabi did not. She did at one crossing however run through some shallow pond water instead of using the bridge. She also got splashed by the larger dogs shaking water off their coats.

Gabi was exhausted and slept the entire hour-something drive home. Even though May is technically winter in SA,  we’ve been having weirdly warm weather. So, Gabi was bathed when we got home.

thorns and bones

Published April 10, 2012 by lowercase v

We had a rather short neighbourhood walk today, though not completely uneventful. We were walking down a short block on a quiet downward slanting street.  I was looking out for traffic at the upcoming corner, when I felt a little jerk. I looked  down to see Gabi caught on the low hanging branch of a small thorn tree. I had her stand still and gently unhooked the thorns from her harness and a fold of skin. I examined her thoroughly and there didn’t seem to be any broken skin.

Later on alone the road, Gabi found an old chicken bone on someone’s front lawn. Luckily I caught it in time, removed the bone from her mouth and tossed it away. She does seem to have a scavenging problem, we’ll have to do something about that. It maybe be natural for dogs to hunt and scavenge, but eating random things like that can be dangerous because they could be infected or poisoned.

It’s starting to get colder, especially at night. Gabi seems to end up sleeping in my bed more and more.

Image:   “Girdle of Thorns”,  flickerCC.